Disorderly Conduct or Free Speech?

A rather ill defined boundary these days. Concerning the U Of A professor arrested on charges of Disorderly Conduct for shouting obscenities at Bielema during the Alabama game. Demonstratively voicing one’s opinion about the head coach at Hog games apparently went the way of the knapsack. Just peacefully baa like all the rest of the sheep. Are the airplane led banners far behind? Have they got the AOR defenses ready around RRS?

If he was drunk, disorderly. If sober, abused. Either case, should be fired.

No idea what Baa and AOR mean? But, any time someone is shouting obscenities or verbally attacking another person in a public place, whether it be at a ballgame, mall, restaurant, movie theatre, or a public park, that is usually the outcome when police or security officers are around. Also, you have no idea what was said between the moron and the officers involved.

AOR is a military term meaning area of responsibility. I think Baa is obvious with regard to sheep. It is true, I was not there, but then neither were you. If the professor was making physical threats, he deserved arrest for Terroristic Threatening. If they dropped those type charges down to Disorderly Conduct, they did him a favor. However a ballgame is a public forum unlike most of those venues you stated. A person buys a ticket and should be able to voice their opinion, be that up to someone else’s community standards or not. I am not for blasphemy aimed towards a woman and that would have gotten any man arrested decades ago. However blasphemy towards another man is harmless in a man’s world. You either ignore it or do something about it. I guess Bielema did, he got the guy arrested. They will probably fire him in 2016. That is how twisted this society is becoming.

He was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. And no you are not allowed to act like an idiot just because you purchased a ticket. I have been to many, many games. And I have seen people removed from the stadium several times for being a moron. You are just digging for stupidity’s sake.

That Fayetteville jail is not big enough to hold everyone who was publicly intoxicated in & around that stadium last Saturday night. Buying a ticket gives someone the right everywhere but apparently Fayetteville where people like you are in charge. I am beginning to see why this program is on a continual downhill tread. Hard to use a term to describe it bluntly on a board as this. I will just use the term castrated as you mentally are.

If he is an employee and acted this way on campus he is certainly at risk for termination. Unfortunately there are too many people who just cannot act right in public. But to be a professor at the university and act this way is just stupid.

I wonder if he would have been arrested for cursing Saban after that game? I am sure men curse the opposing coaches from the stadium stands across the SEC. Never heard of an arrest for it. I think I know why, it is ignored by everyone.

I remember Bielema even mentioned being loudly heckled by a TCU fan in Fort Worth. Never heard a coach before mention such drivel. Bielema even mentioned he looked for the TCU fan after the game. I guess Bielema wanted to attempt to have him arrested. At least Jack Crowe handled these matters like a man, he hit the stands personally to handle cursing hecklers. Crowe didn’t call the cops.

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If I stand up in a public place and start cussing loudly while intoxicated I would be arrested and should be. Perspective my friend. You are blinded by your disdain for Bielema.

Wherever he was he shouldn’t have been…and especially intoxicated. A professor at the U of A. Quite a role model for his students. This freedom of speech thing only goes so far as many people are finding out. If there is really freedom of speech then why are some words considered offensive and subject to lawsuits?

I would be arrested in the city neighborhood I now live with women & children everywhere. On my county property in two different Arkansas counties, I would not be arrested. I would just get a talk with county deputies. I know that very well, had many talks with county deputies as a much younger man. County police and city police are two totally different species of law officers. The county police use to refer to me as a county person. I got much leeway on my own county property with them.

This being arrested in a huge football stadium falls under similar circumstances as me being on my county property. A baseball stadium and hockey rink would as well. All places where alcohol beverages are sold. I remember at a Little Rock Razorback game years back. One of my grown nephews left us and was tail gating and was handed free beers until he was heavily intoxicated. He was so drunk he could not use his cell phone to tell us where he was located. He was just in a wondering dazed zombie like condition. A Little Rock policeman to the rescue. He spotted my nephew, got on his telephone and called us. Then gave us directions where my nephew was located. My nephew was very public intoxicated but was not arrested. He was helped by the police outside the Razorback game where alcohol was everywhere.

I just have lived a man’s life. I know junk. If Bielema had any part of that professor being arrested for hollering at him. He is weak man material and will never produce a manned up fighting football team that wins tough games. That seems to be playing out, nothing about my having disdain for anybody.

You are exactly right. We are losing our freedom of speech little by little in the courtrooms across America. I can go no farther on this board than that, if that far?

I just read an article in the Football Section over on WHS that the professor had apologized for his tirade against Bielema and all is forgiven. The professor will not be fired. The two short sentences of profanity tainted insults should have been ignored to begin with, no arrest. I guess we just have the dirty word police hanging around RRS. The WHS article said this incident made national news. That is how bizarre it is, this stuff is ignored at college football stadiums around the country. Petrino out cursed this dude every couple of minutes when he stood on the sidelines of Hog games for his years here.

I believe that he was arrested for going at the cops - not for yelling at Bielema.

He did motion for Bielema to come in to the stands and fight him.

That is contrary to everything I have read in these WHS articles. They are specific in saying just what the professor hollered at Bielema even with the censorship added. Going at the police is a whole different can of worms.

I go to the game. I get smashed. I get up in the HC face. I get my ass thrown in jail. It seems a clear cause and effect relationship here.

You make an ass of yourself and you get what you deserve! The Prof apologized. We need to let it go!

There are four articles over in the Football Section over on WHS concerning this specific event. One can get a pretty good idea of what took place by closely reading all of them. The professor was not in Bielema’s face. He was in the lower part of the stadium while Bielema was on the field. From the Police Report, Cpl. Chris Krodell, “Mr. Lawton Nalley went to the northwest corner of Razorback Stadium and yelled obscenities at Coach Bret Bielema.” In another WHS article. Professor Nalley is quoted as saying, “If I had your record, I would be f—ing fired.” Then Nalley hollered, “F— you.”

As I have said all down this thread. That was junk for a man making three million a year and then big time losing to just ignore. However in Fayetteville a potty mouth directed at coach even after a big loss will get one hauled off to jail and subsequently fined. Bielema said he had been called lots of things from the stands. They must have all been compliments concerning his coaching, because otherwise, that person must have been surely arrested.