Disappointment, Disillusionment & Disengagement

Well, the Basketball Hogs are suffering an apparently expected beat-down, - - - prospective new Hogs Football defensive recruits may be passing on the Hogs because they hesitate to commit to a program in which they have no knowledge pertinent to who their new Defensive Coordinator and supporting coaching staff would be - - - and Hogs Baseball & Track are still several months away.

I wonder how the Horseshoes and Tiddlywinks teams are coming along.

Stay tuned.

And tuned.

And tuned.

We’ll eventually hear something good; - - maybe a Hogs distance runner is recovering nicely from a prolonged bout of the flu.

The only good thing I see is I am not overly anxious to check a score these days. While I will not give up, I will surely wait a while to get excited.

Guys, you’re fans just like me. Our need to know isn’t near as important as the recruits’ need to know, and I imagine they know more about the DC than we do right now. It’s more important that Coach Morris and company talk to them than to talk to us. As for the basketball team, so they’ve lost two in a row. Long season. Everything can change in a hurry. Don’t give up! And if you need good news: the baseball Hogs, in case you missed it, have been picked to win the CWS. But don’t get your hopes up. The sky will fall before then.

I do think it will be interesting to see how the football part works out. I feel basketball still has promise and it will take some time for football to be a good deal better. And the baseball team may very well be interesting. One thing I have learned over the years is to not get real excited early. Give it time.

I’m a gen-u-ine Hogs fan

And that will never change

But since BB Football began

Results sure have been strange

We’re an SEC doormat

And pride is sadly missing

This past season left us flat

From SEC a** kissing