Did P Train ever beat Saban?

Nutt did.

Not at Bama

He beat Bama and we got tee shirts. I don’t see us getting tee shirts tonight. :evil:

Hey, I said 45-17. Bama needs another FG

The Bama teams Nuttless beat were the worst Bama teams ever. EVER.

YOU can’t give Bama turnovers…you just can’t. When you do that you are basically putting the nails in the coffin yourself. And the loss of Grennlaw is just painful.

4 turnovers for 28 points. :cry: By the way, will someone please tell Enos to stop calling a bootleg!

Bama is full of BIG POWERFUL FAST DUDES. Well Disciplined. Those guys all know how to block on all types of plays. Backs are patient as hell. QB is very cautious with the ball. He’s protected. I could go on and on…

Shows you how far away from success in the SEC we are. We’re dreaming if we think we can
hang with Bama and put them away. This QB is going to be there for 3 more years.
Best we can hope for is a decent bowl.

Seriously, they looked like a pro team playing a high school team.

As I recall he beat Saban at LSU. Did P train ever beat Saban? I think Nuttless won the west 2 or 3 times as I recall. Nuttless had better o lines than we have now. They might not have been as fat, but they sure could block.

Did Ptrain ever win the west?

Ptrain only had four years. And Bama AND LSU were monsters during his time here. Ptrain wasn’t getting beat by the AGgies or Miss St or Toledo. Ptrain went 21-5 his last couple of seasons. We are about to go 0-3 to start the SEC in year four of Berts time. So who cares about if Ptrain beat Saban ? Oh and I’ll tell you this. If Petrino gets matched up against Saban in the playoffs this year he WILL beat him. And I hope it happens bc it will give all of the silly Bret and Jeff supporters one less blank bullet in their little holsters.