Did I really see that!?

In the game last night it looked as if C.J. shied away from contesting a rebound as if he were afraid of contact. Did anyone else catch that? The camera was on the floor behind the goal so it was a good angle. He seemed to be in good position to go for the rebound, but turned away and ducked. But I could be wrong. I hope I was.

I’ve noticed a few of our players do that this year. Mostly it’s been against teams with a good inside presence. I don’t know if they’re scared of getting hit or getting hit with a foul, or maybe they expect one of our bigs to be there and are clearing out for space. I didn’t see CJ do it last night, but I’ve seen a few of our guards do it at certain times this year.

I doubt if Barford would shy away from contact. That guy is built like a tank. He must be one of the strongest guards in the country.

CJ battled and was knocked to the floor a few times last night. I didn’t notice the one your referring too! Mike Anderson was yelling at the team last night to get back on defense.

He was talking about the Thursday game against USCe. Didn’t see any last night.

Our defense is soft, and we don’t rebound. We are in the first week of the tournament, but we won’t be in the second week.