Diamond Hogs

Congrats to the Diamond Hogs! Looking very solid in Hoover so far. Very proud of you. WPS! SEC crown just a couple of games away!

Mike if they can win the SEC and avoid messing up the pitching that would be fine if not that’s not the title that’s most important. Get the pitching lined up for the regional.

Is the tourney winner considered the SEC Conference Champion or is it the regular season winner? With split divisions I would think it must be the tourney winner.

Well I guess that is a moot point now anyway! :frowning:

Regardless they have had a good week, wish it had been a little better. Hopefully destination Omaha! WPS!

I hate LSU. Losing to LSU is horrible.
The hogs have had an amazing year to this point. Hosting and getting a top 8 seed is what they need to get to Omaha.

Shoot I think we woulda taken Ole Miss today :frowning:

If we would have played in the final I would hope the pitching would have been Bonnin,
Bolden and Ramage.