Diamond Hogs season opener!

Knight gets the start. Handles Miami Ohio in the first giving up 1 hit. Hogs break it open in bottom of the first.
Then, Knight shuts them down in top of second. 3 Ks in first 2 innings

Hogs go down in order, in the bottom of the second.

Knight starting to deal. 4 Ks
Hogs give up a base runner on an E by 2B Shaddy.

Hogs go down in order for second straight inning.
6-0 top of the 4th

Knight gives up 2 hits but handles Miami in the fourth.

Knight ends his day with 4 innings, 3Hits, 4 Ks, 0 runs.
Reindl takes over on the mound.

Reindl sets Miami down in order. But, Hogs do the same in the 5th.
6-0 top of 6th.

Reindl gives up a hit but handles Miami in the top of the 6th.


Hogs get 2 on base but no go.
Top of 7th

Highly touted freshman CF Dominic Fletcher ( out of Cali.) goes yard on a solo shot!

7-0 top of 8th

Chadwick comes in top of the 8th for Reindl.

Reindl finishes with 3 hits, 2 Ks in 3 innings.

Chadwick strikes out 2 in top of 8th.


Hogs win 7-0 to open the 2017 campaign!

Great start! WPS.

Dominic Fletcher looks like the Real Deal! Time for some redemption this season!

I have to correct my stats. I guess the tracker I was looking off of was incorrect.

Knight had 5 Ks
Reindl had 3 Ks
Chadwick had 4Ks
We did not issue a walk yesterday!

walks will kill a team. They drive me crazy! Staff done a great job 1st 2 games!