Diaco to Nebraska

Sorta glad to see Diaco back in the B10, really. Good coach, but he fits better in Lincoln. The SEC is a different animal and was part of the problem for Robb Smith, in my opinion. Have a feeling that Paul Rhoades may be the next DC, but anyone who can effectively deal with hurry up, spread offenses and athletic quarterbacks would a huge gain.

I’m still holding out for Chinander.

Rave reviews on Chinander. I hear you, brother.

Is Long going to open the purse and pay a good assistant?

You are kidding?

Can’t get on board for Rhodes, so I expect he is the guy. Our secondary is slow, out of position, can’t tackle, and weak on fundamentals. I don’t see promoting him when that’s his resume’ here.

I think we really need to understand something. Although I was a big fan of Bielema, I believe he is too soft. After the Auburn game he should have fired Smith and had a team meeting and said to coaches and players that things better change. What we got was to live with Smith until the end of the season and instead of firing him, it appears to everyone outside of Arkansas, Smith left us! This softness is rubbing off on the players and coaches.

Long went out and hired the opposite of Petrino. I don’t want a coach who is a liar and ass to people, but we need someone who does what is best for his team and school. Bielema is just too kind and soft and he seems to need people around him who he likes and who he thinks like him. Instead of a professional relationship, he wants a family relationship where you are afraid to hurt someones feelings. If we can’t hire Chinander or a coach with similar experience and success coaching a 3-4 defense, then we are doomed to seeing the same daddy ball we’ve seen the last 4 years!

I really don’t care how Smith’s departure is seen outside of Arkansas. I think it’s obvious that he was told to look for work elsewhere. I don’t care whether CBB fires someone or the person leaves, the main thing is a change had to take place. He may be too soft; I don’t know. I’ve never sat through a coaches’ meeting there or seen how he is on the practice field. Those who have seen the way he works says he is tough. Whoever he hires to replace CRS will be the person he obviously thinks best fits his system. He knows more than anyone how important this upcoming season is for his time at Arkansas, and I doubt he hires anyone who he doesn’t believe will get him to where all of us want to be. Can he do that? I understand your doubts.

Nobody wants to work for this guy