Defensive recruiting

Hey guys. Like you, I’m disappointed at our performance yesterday. Our defense has been extremely poor stopping the run all year. I just checked our commits list and noticed we only have one defensive line commit and one LB commit. I was wandering who if any other D-Line and LB’s we are looking at. I’m also a bit concerned with only sighing 20 or 21 players the last couple of years and trying to find players during the summer. I understand quality over quantity, but I also believe we need player development. So we can sign a couple of players missed over by other programs but show promise. Just trying to get lucky on JUCOS in the summer is hit or miss at best. What are your thoughts.

I am concerned about recruiting on the defensive side of the ball as well. They have the scholarships but no commits in a long time and not a lot of apparent movements the fans can see to fill those defensive recruiting needs. Most of the recruiting stuff you see here on WHS is now 2018. Maybe Davenport knows some 2017 defensive recruits the Hogs actually have a real chance to sign?

Bielema is going to have to get some coaches that can develop them into tough SEC ready athletes whomever they can sign next February.

Arkansas had a D-Line commit today to make 20. They have at least 5 scholarships left. I see them needing two more D-Lineman, one O-Lineman & one Linebacker.

Yep, I agree that Defenseive line men are huge get if we can swing a couple 4-stars. Like you i think the JUCO route is iffy and we shouls go after one since the need is IMMEDIATE. Yep’ throw another linebacker as well. I do think that these young guys are going to be better next year though-they will have to be since we are losing Skipper and Ragnow right? HOGS YA’LL.