Don’t claim to be any kind of football expert, so can someone explain the three man front/two linebacker scheme. In general it seems extremely soft against the run and missing a middle clogger like Ridgeway the backers are less free roam free and make tackles like they did last year. With a depleted secondary, it seems to me that pressure is a better option than relying on our secondary to make plays.

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Most games are won on he line of scrimmage. Normally, I think a three/two lineup is because of lack of personnel.

Barry Odom knows how to coach defense. He would have played more aggressive if it was possible but it wasn’t. If he would have gone into attack mode the results would have been even worse. Look at all the chances the hogs had to make an interception. I know ifs and buts don’t matter, but there were opportunities to make some big plays. The best strategy was to Keep the offense in front of them and make them take a lot of plays to score. It didn’t work so we can second guess even though it did work the last two years. In hindsight a more aggressive defense might have been better but still was not going to be good enough to beat this team.

The hogs don’t have enough depth to cover up the injuries they had! The defense was already
Playing with some needs or lack of depth

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With the passing attack MSU has if you don’t cover well you will be obltierated. If they add good protection and a running game, your only option is to outscore them. Last year they couldn’t hit a FG to save their lives, this year they didn’t need to.

Excellent analysis. Sam keeps saying we have to get healthy.

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