Defense finally showing some grit

Nice to see the defense show up. How long can they keep up this new-found energy with the offense looking this inept?

Let’s go, boys! You might not win, but you can show us something to be proud of.

Need receivers

Need everything tonight.

I don’t see an SEC win this year. I really feel for the team, should never have gotten this bad. Plenty of blame to go around. I didn’t expect to see a win tonight, but was hoping for a better showing. Started bad and did show some improvement but it couldn’t get much worse. Oh well!!!

Can’t wait to listen to Coach Bielema’s post game press conference about how close his solely recruited Arkansas Razorback football team is real close to being a real good team.

Wake up call, we aren’t anywhere near close to turning this program around under his leadership and I think it’s obvious to everyone and probably to him as well, but he can’t say that even though he knows it.

I didn’t expect to beat Alabama, but that has to be the goal when they are the standard of excellence in your conference and after 5 years of recruiting and knowing what level of athlete you must sign to be able to compete he hasn’t closed the gap at all.
It’s time to part ways t this point and go in another direction because Coach B can’t recruit players to play big boy football in this league.

I’m not listening to any more post game news conferences. I have it memorized!
Until he changes his hard headed attempt to run into a brick wall we are beat.
It was a better performance tonight than the sleep walking aginst South Carolina.