I see where Gooden decommitted this past week. I missed that. I wonder how many more will fall by the wayside before the season is out. I think things will get much uglier after we lose the next three games and all could be beat downs if the defense plays like it did on Saturday. CBB may have trouble signing 15 players this year. I don’t see 5 hot prospects on the list now.

Unless I’m mistaken which is very possible, Gooden decommit was a rumor and was cleared up I believe and hope. WPS

Yes, that is what is being reported by RD and Dudley. He’s still committed

I am not in the least concerned about decommitments. Our commitments are ranked near the bottom of the SEC so we can’t do much worse. Even if they all decommit and we hired a new coach, even near the end of the recruiting season, the players he signed would be as good.

I think you are wrong on your reply Mr Gay, but if I’m wrong i’m sorry

You are correct, we are not very highly ranked because the rankings are skewed towards high number of recruits. We might have 15 scholarships to give this year. Now I am by no means saying we are tearing up recruiting because we are not but the contention Gay made is ridiculous.

How do you know that? We don’t know who the next coach is, the staff he would bring with him and what kind of recruiters any of them are. Just a completely ridiculous statement.

Remember, this is a small class, so the numbers keep our recruiting ranking down compared to teams that are going to sign a full class of 25. Can recruiting be better? Of course, it can. But even a good recruiter coming in at the last minute might struggle to put together a solid class.

I think you are wrong on your reply Mr Gay, but if I’m wrong i’m sorry
[/quote]Right or wrong, don’t be sorry. We all have opinions and our opinions may or may not prove to be correct. I did read the other comments that our recruiting is really good because we have a small recruiting class. However, in my mind there are always excuses why our low ranking is not really a low ranking, but I don’t buy those excuses.

For certain, I know that is my opinion. However, I cannot prove that my opinion is correct; nor can you prove that my opinion is not correct. I do recall that Petrino signed a couple of outstanding players that Nutt was not going to sign, but the past doesn’t imply the future would be the same.

Certainly, I would agree the next coach (if there is one, and eventually there will be) may very well recruit better and get better players. I have no doubt about that. But he may not be even as good a recruiter and may be worse. I have no doubt about that, either. None of us can know for certain one way or another. In fact, the next coach may be exactly the same kind of recruiter as CBB. We’ll see in the future, but what I know beyond all doubt is we can’t see into the future.