DC ????????????????

Listening to the PC it did not sound like Venables is a candidate for the DC. It didn’t appear to give much hope of retaining much of the present staff. Watch the PC if you get a chance. I thought it was pretty good.

Nope, it doesn’t sound like Venables, though he didn’t outright say it wasn’t, just that Swinney wouldn’t like it. He said it was a short list of coaches he’s played against and also stressed understanding to coaching defenses in the SEC, so if not Venables, hopefully someone with SEC ties or big name guy from the ACC. He’s got the money to throw out to a good one.

I don’t think many, if any, of the current staff will stay, except maybe Lunney.

It was pretty good I thought. He won’t win any awards for his speaking ability but he definitely wasn’t bad and he said all the right things.

He said the short list for DC contained coaches that he had played against and with. Hmmm.

Could Gene Chizik be in the running?

John Chavis…

I’d take the Chief. He has been great everywhere he has been.

It would be interesting to see if he’d come out of retirement for such.

I would encourage you to watch the presser, especially that part.

Chizik has ran his trap in a negative way about our hogs so much I would hate for his sorry rear end to be with my hogs!
He thinks he knows everything! I don’t like him at all.

If some booster(s) was willing to put up big bucks to bring in Malzahn, why not ask him (them) to pony up $2mil/yr or so for the absolute best defensive coordinator in the country?

That is supposedly the plan. Rumor has it Venables has been offered 2.5m.

The video of the first team meeting was more telling than the PC. He told the players he was going to have the “best DC in the country”. That"s a big promise to make the players in the first meeting. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Venables but it implies a big name.

and the boosters will come to the rescue.

Love the way Pat Bradley asked Morris about who his DC was going to be. It was funny when he asked just for a hint.

From the sound of the interview he may have somebody hired.

I just posted that on another thread. If he does, the guy’s team must still be playing.

I was thinking the same thing.