DC wishlist

Ok guys let’s hear who you want at DC. I will stick with the same list I talked about with Bake during the Mizzou game.

  1. Chinander- UCF DC
  2. Reid - Boston College DC
  3. Rhoads - Defensive backs coach for Hogs

You did?

My list (wish that is)

  1. Smart
  2. Venables
  3. Don Brown

I could care a less, just whoever it is needs to understand, we play in the SEC, you have to play aggressive. That means blitzes, that means stunts, that means swim moves, that means not just tackling, tackle with a frickin message. We’re in the SEC, not some girls badminton tournament.

I saw one site say the fired HC from UConn. I can’t remember his name.

I don’t think we need anyone who has been fired by another instutution. We need winners and a DC from a winner with a defense in the top 25. We need to steal them away. It looks tough-but that’s why CBB and Long are making the big bucks to make the right decisions. Look, I’m with you guys-we are playing in the SEC not some DivII stuff and or players got to play tough hit people with a purpose the WIN. Yep,you guys are right in the observations that we were out of position and our guys looked slow several games. I am convinced that only a small part of that is talent/ability and for the most part it was scheme and coaching. Let’s see how this plays out but I want an outsider who MEANS business to the staff and players and is able to back that up on the field. HOGS YA’LL.

Here you go:

Jay Bateman - Army
Nate Woody - Appalachian State
Tony Pecoraro - Southern Miss

Here you go:

Jay Bateman - Army - #3 Total D
Nate Woody - Appalachian State - #11 Total D
Tony Pecoraro - Southern Miss - # 14 Total D

Few more names:

Phil Snow - Temple (hired by Baylor, being replaced by Taver Johnson at Temple) - #7 Total D
Jim Reid - Boston College - #8 Total D
Rocky Long - San Diego St HC/DC (say isn’t Bret a DC) - # 17 Total D
Matt Pawlowski, John Hauser - Co-DC Miami Ohio - # 22 Total D

I think Rhoads gets the job and they hire someone to replace him. Not a lot of changes in the process. Someone mentioned the DL coach should go also, I think a strong evaluation should be done. But what do I know?

I have heard his name mentioned too. It’s Coach Bob Diaco of UCONN.

Yeah, I joked about us trying to steal Grantham from Louisville lol. I don’t know how to repost it so I will just find it and bring the Thread back up.