DC Rhoads...Tale of the Tape

Here are the numbers for Rhoads’ 9 seasons as a DC, nationally. 2000-2007 at PITT, 2008 at Auburn.

2000- 29th in total defense. Considered Pitt’s best defensive team since 1980.

2001- 9th in total defense. Top 30 in five defensive categories. 38 sacks.

2002- 12th in total defense. Top 25 in 7 defensive categories.

2003- 79th in total defense.

2004- 73rd in total defense. 9th in INTs with 17.

2005- 31st in total defense. 2nd in total passing defense, 6th in defensive passing efficiency.

2006- 87th in total defense.

2007- 5th in total defense. Among nation’s leaders in various categories including 3rd in passing defense.

2008- 27th in total defense. 10th in yards per play and 15th in scoring defense.

2009-2015 was Head Coach at Iowa State.

CBB, CDE, and CPR has 23 years of head coaching experience amongst the 3 of them.

I’m new around here. Well, I’ve had an account for over a year but never posted anything haha. I’m not sure how I feel about Paul Rhodes as our DC. Saw many people on Twitter upset that he promoted someone from within the staff of that atrocious defense. Personally I was really hoping for Diaco. If our defense does not majorly improve next season and we finish with less than 8 wins, I can definitely see Bielema’s seat catching fire. I hope Rhodes does well as he seems like a good man. Although I do have one question… How would people feel if Paul Rhodes was NOT on our staff last season and this upcoming season would be his first with the Hogs? Would we be excited or feel the same way?

Good man. Excellent coach. Will get things straight on defense. Players will,play hard for him.