Dance Time

Congrats to Mike Anderson, staff and players. An impressive win against Georgia. Many thanks to Manny, Moses and Dusty for making a memorable [senior] season.

The Razorbacks may be a tough out on a neutral court. Let’s make a run in Nashvillle.

Woo Pig.

All 3 played very good game today in their Sr Day. Thank you guys for donning the Razorback jersey during your time on the Hill.

There’s still a lot more work for these seniors ahead of them. Last home game great performance.

80% certain that puts the Razorbacks in the NCAA tournament but a win against Alabama or Vandy next Friday would remove all doubt and 100% guarantee it.

I think it’s a done deal. Only a loss of epic proportions in the SEC might throw some doubt on it, but I don’t think so. This team and coaching staff deserve a lot of credit from coming back after those bad losses to Missouri and Vandy and finishing strong. If we go 0-and-2 in the SECT and NCAAT, I still like this team, but let’s hope for a run through both tournaments. I don’t think it is impossible for them to reach the SECT championship and to be playing in the Sweet Sixteen two weeks later. It all depends upon the draw.

I agree, if Ole Miss wins tonight, I think it sets up very well for us. Our first game Friday would more than likely be against Ole Miss. Vandy would play Florida again. I can see Vandy beating them (locking Vandy in the NCAAT) again. That means our second game (semifinals) would be Vandy. Meanwhile, USCe would be playing KY. I think they’ll be trying to prove something. I think the SECT Finals could very well be AR vs SCe. I like our chances.

“We’ve done what we’re supposed to do, we’ve done what we’re supposed to do”…Mike replying to a question on Hogs NCAA chances!

Oklahoma St projected as a 6 or 7 seed. Please let us draw them 1st round. That is my wish!

Baked, if that scenario plays out i think we win the tourney, unless Vandy comes out on fire like at Bud. if we win it, i think we’re looking at 6 seed in NCAA, if we lose i hope it gets us to a 7 seed. i love our chances in ncaa’s if they put us in Tulsa pod. we’d have all but a home court advantage with all our fans that would b there. good job hogs, starting to look the part of a team that is suppose to win.

I sure don’t want to okie lite in the first or second round. Tulsa playing Dayton in the first game would be nice but Baylor the 1 seed. The other bracket I saw had us going out west to play Wichita State. I like that one even better. The 1seed there is Gonzaga! It would be nice to beat both of them.
Win the SEC tournament and see what happens then Seed line may change.

Slow down guys! Lets just focus on winning that first game Friday night in Nashville! WPS!

im with you on the matchups Army, the only thing i like about the Tulsa pod is the location. i would love to be in the 8-9 game in Gonzaga’s region, but all this is just hypothetical until the real brackets come out. it could work out where we get Gonzaga in Tulsa, wouldnt that be a coup.

your right Mike, all we need to worry bout now is having a great showing in Nashville and we may play our way out of that dreaded 8-9 game in first round. its exciting that we can even have this conversation this year, here’s hoping this debate becomes a yearly thing. WPS

Yes it’s Friday night first! I want Ole Miss on tired legs.
It would be funny for Georgia to advance and beat Kentucky.
It was be equally as funny for Vandy to beat Florida again.
Win Friday.