Dan Mullen to Florida?

Per reports, his agent is negotiating with Miss St about a buyout. So, take Florida off the coaching search and add Mistake

And Schiano to TN. That means Norvell is open

I dont think Mullen leaves Miss state

Being reported as a done deal.

Also, just saw PJ Fleck’s name mentioned in our search.

So I guess they cultivate "Arkansas Men " in western Michigan and Minnesota now? That’s rich !

That was the first thing I thought.

However, with other schools grabbing coaches and us not, shows me the BOT thinks we are getting a coach playing next weekend. I don’t want Gus, but I’ll say this, if he wins the NC at AUB then leaves to come here, it might be the biggest recruiting tool that I can possibly think of. Pay attention to AUB and Memphis’ early signees, if they start saying they’re signing late it’s a signal the coach might be leaving.

Well at least we are not hiring Schiano. Tennessee fans are already revolting and begging Kiffin to come back.


You have to be careful in listening to stuff like that. Many times it is agent putting it out there to squeeze a few extra $$$ out of their current school.


Very true

I’d like to think your right. I’m in Memphis. I have contacts within the UM athletic department that told me before football season started that Norvell would take the Arkansas job if ever offered. I really didn’t think much of it at the time as I expected Bielema to survive this year.

As I stated in another thread I was buying into the Gus thing. I agree it would be a major coup for us and recruiting.

My worry is who’s in charge at the Uof A. For whatever reason various admins at Arkansas have been successful at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They certainly suck in PR. I’m very skeptical.

Norvell is my #1 pick, sadly my dreams never come true when it comes to these things