Da Gus Bus

Man! After watching this SEC championship game I am ready for Gus. Gus is obviously the coach for Arkansas. Everyone should get on tne Gus Bus and “ride easy”

Well, it won’t be long now until we’ll know about Gus. Personally, he’s never been my choice, but I believe if comes home we’ll be stuck with him until he decides to retire for better or worse.
So, all you Gus fans might get your wish to come true and I hope he is all that you believe he is because I’m a lifelong Hog Fan and just want them to start winning again.

Go Hogs!

I guess I should have ended my post with /sarcasm.

Firewallet seems to have gotten my sarcasm…

I wouldn’t mind if arkansas made the SEC championship, would you?

What if Gus says no? If that happens somebody better be on a plane to FAU to make Kiffin an offer he can’t refuse or we’re going to be laughing stock of the SEC!

no way we could surpass tennessee for that award

If Gus says No. We will all know that answer in a matter of a few hours.

Gus just said on post game news conference he wants to stay at Auburn and expects them to be back in championship game next year

Man…you know that is just smoke. Gus wants to come home and coach the Razorbacks we just need to collectively get on our knees and pray. God will provide.

Let’s get another Big Ten guy. I love watching I formation play action pass football. It’s a lot more exciting than this spread crap.

On bright future at Auburn

“I’m happy here at Auburn. I love Auburn, I love my players. We have a very good foundation built, I believe the best is yet to come.”

Will you be the head coach at Auburn next year?

“I want to be.”

Which when translated, he is going to listen to Arkansas and then let Auburn make its counter.

Oh geeze…

If Gus wants to stay at Auburn, we should let him. Hogs should have moved on long time ago and hire someone that wants to be there. If they keep waiting, they will end up with another CBB. Norvell appears to be a great offensive coach but he would need a different defensive staff than what he has at Memphis. With what it would cost to get Gus you could hire someone like Norvell and a super good defensive staff or go with Venables and hire a hot shot offensive staff.

Go with Venables…Defense wins championships…Georgia took a chance on a coordinator with no head coaching experience and that seems to be working out pretty good