Crylipari cries more than Cry me a Phillip Rivers

I have no clue why he was ticked off at the Refs, everyone of those fouls were legitimate. If anything they could have called many more, this is the dirtiest KY team in a century.

But as for Arkansas their shooting was terrible all day long, and teams are just saying you’re slow, and they’re beating you off the dribble and then getting their own rebound if they don’t make it. They have a “need for speed” on defense.

CHOP SOOEY Love having a barbecue at Bud Walton

And could Dickey V make it anymore obvious he has a man crush on Crylipari?

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Problem was that Arkansas didn’t know how to handle the hoopla surrounding Coach Cal’s Ejection and the kids from Big Blue Nation used it as fuel to put game pressure on us and put the game in the Loss column for our Hogs.
Hopefully, we will be better in the not to distant future to have a more balanced roster with size, skill and depth to pick up some wins against this UK program.

Yeah, I agree, they’re still young. Maybe by Nashville they will be a little more sound under pressure…

Hear I go again with my thoughts. Coach Cal planed that little act . and that is what got his kids going…He is not the dumb ass that some of us thinks.

There’s no doubt he wanted to get booted, when he stayed at half court after the first T, he knew he was going to be booted, and that’s what he wanted.

That being said, he’s a bigger cry baby than Rivers, I never seen so much whining in a non elimination game before. What a cry baby…

IMO, coach Cal knows that the future is in good hands with CEM at Arkansas and understands what an obstacle this Arkansas program will be in the future for UK’s dominance in the SEC.
He knew he had more size, talent and depth this year, but that will not continue to be the case moving forward and I’m sure that has him worried.
Our undersized, under talented squad gave them quite a fight for the most part and if we could’ve hit 70% of our free throws and a few missed layups today’s game may have turned out differently.

Go Hogs!

We were outrebounded by 20 boards and shot 33%, yet we took the lead with about 7 minutes to go in the game. How? We just played so hard and hustled. We gutted it out to the lead like a horse and had nothing for the stretch. Those kids had to be exhausted near the last minutes of the game. We are not as talented as Kentucky and they are much deeper than we are.

When the Wildcats threw that zone up, our guys were not hitting the 3 and it just sucked the life out of us. We don’t have anybody to go to inside. It is a weakness that will be rectified…just not this year. We played hard, and we are all proud of our coach and this team. They probably should have lost by 20, but made it a game…like the LSU game.

Getting to the NCAA’s is going to be a battle…maybe we can make it.

I actually agree with you about this.

There was a game a year or so ago I watched, where the announcers said coaches and players will do something like that (tech, flagrant, ejection) because the officials will change the way they’re calling the game and usually the team that has player/coach that committed the foul will benefit for the next few calls/no calls after that. That is what happened today, we had a decent foul advantage until the double tech on Cal, then Harris and Jones almost immediately started getting called for touch fouls.

Vitale has always had a crush on Calipari. Vitale “made” him here in Memphis along with his cheating, paying players, getting people to take ACT tests for recruits (Derick Rose) and having his own personal pimp (Worldwide Wes) pay off players for him. Can’t wait for the probation train to pull into Lexington.

I disagree. He has been treated like the messiah by everyone for so long, he fully expected to sway the refs but, fortunately, he finally ran into a crew with enough guts to toss his worthless butt.

I really wish that would happen. At this point, I’m not sure that it ever will. I am NOT a fan of Calamari.

Eddie Sutton was a master of the strategic technical. Especially at home. He’d get T’d up, the crowd would go nuts and we’d get on a run with a few calls in our favor. He also got a strategic T in the SWC final in 1982 against Houston. Barnhill South went bonkers, we went on a run and blew out the Final Four bound Coogs.

I also remember there was an Arkansas college all-star game played in Arkadelphia for a couple of years, open to seniors who had played their last game. Sutton was one of the HCs that first year. He knew the crowd wanted him to get T’d up, the officials knew they wanted him to get T’d up, and eventually he and Frank Taylor, my neighbor and a longtime hoops ref, obliged. Loudest cheer of the night.

CHOP SOOEY. I love a good barbecue and the Hogs got smoked today yummy UK is the King of SEC basketball :basketball:

Are you having that BBQ at the church that funnels boosters’ contributions to the players?

Oh, it’s going to. When you see him bolt back to the NBA, it will pull into the depot. Boosters can only funnel money so long through a church that is distributed to players. EVERYONE in Lexington knows about it. The only reason it hasn’t been exposed before now is because Calipari is a money maker for the NCAA. Once he starts to lose his luster and bolts for the NBA “again” the hammer will fall.

After saying since elementary school that he was going to Arkansas, when he announced for Calipari, he said, “It’s a business decision.” We know where he went to church huh? LOL! By the way, I’ve got to point out the class that you exhibit in your response. I’m sure you make the big blue nation proud.

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