so you’re the first one. congrats.

I’m just waiting for all of the critics. All I’m hearing are…

Yeah, was kinda quiet

Don’t worry, one showed up.

I really don’t have anything against the critics, and I know they will be back after the next loss, whenever that is. I’ll take the bad with the good. It was pretty good tonight.

Hogs looked good last night and showed a strong desire to get the taste of a bad loss out of their mouth. I thought it was as good of a complete game as we have played and was close to being as good as our first half play against Kentucky. Look forward to seeing us build on this win heading down the stretch and to peak at the right time of the year to make a good run. WPS

So lame of a post.

I’m rooting for CMA, glad the Hogs are having a good season and hope they continue to build on it…BUT, it doesn’t change the fact that when we have played a Top 25 team (Minnesota, UK, Florida) we’ve been embarrassed. Losing by an avg of close to 25. :frowning:
I’m glad we’re beating who we’re supposed to beat and finally winning games on the road against bad teams but until we play an actual ranked team close or maybe even pull of win, hard to get too excited.
If we make the tourney that will be much needed for the fans and definitely for CMA and he something to build on. Hopefully it happens.

So lame of a reply. Especially when you can’t even calculate a simple average, but instead choose to try to embellish your position with erroneous “facts”. They’ll be fine without your “support”.