Cracking the top 20

Ark jumped to #18 in the coaches poll, I was surprised! WPS!! … rs-rising/
Coaches Poll top 25: Louisville jumps into top five, Big Ten powers rising

wow, I didn’t see that coming from beating Texas State.

It’s great to be working our way back to relevancy again.

The true test starts next week.

Yup, let’s see what happens Sat Prime Time on ESPN before becoming true believer :smiley:

I am not. Solid wins last two weeks. Beat #15 on the road, and beat a cup cake like a drum like they are suppose to. A&M will be the biggest game of the season. It will set the stage of what could be a top 10 matchup with Bama? We saw Storey and more of Whaley, I think CBB is actually listening to us :lol:

At the end of the day, we are relevant and to me that is all that matters WPS!!!

There tall big receivers have me worried, got to get pressure on the QB.


Yup, let’s see what happens Sat Prime Time on ESPN before becoming true believer :smiley:
[/quote] talk Abt a confidence builder with a win!!!

Not surprising. With our win over TCU and a dominating win yesterday and higher ranked teams getting beat both weeks.
Right where we should be. Now we need to take care of business at Jerry World.

Gonna be a battle next week. Impressive win at Auburn. Obviously our oline is gonna have to play their best to keep AA upright and some holes for RWIII. Was good to see Hollister get on track. Keon’s play is better than expected. A&M has probalby the highest rated wr corp so our DBs will really be tested.

Ap poll just released and have the hogs at #17 in from of LSWHO at #18 and the fla at #19

Yep, its about time we cracked the top 25. Of course I hope we beat A&M convincingly but it will probably be close. (In through the nose-out through the mouth).And then the Tide is next! Can we all say THE-TIDE-IS-NEXT! If we are 5-0 going into the Tide game look-out!)In through the nose-out through the mouth). YIKES! We beat the tide and I’m thinking …dare I even say it! UNDEFEATED!!!HOGS YA’LL.

Not surprising? We did beat La Tech on with a 4th and goal play. Really we should be a little above La Tech and one higher than what ever TCU is,since that was an OT game. If the Hogs get dropped by TAMU kiss the top 25 good bye.

At first glance I agreed with you, but after seeing some of these other teams they have ranked I’m not as surprised as earlier. A win over A&M would solidify our ranking, but with our schedule we will probably move in and out of the top 25 all season. Most of the time with the polls you can pick out the top ten about mid season and be in pretty good shape the next 15 teams is like a revolving door with teams moving up and down and in and out of the polls. We have managed to do just enough to win and maybe we will once more come Saturday. WPS

Yes there will be fluctuations, we fluctuated up 7 spots just beating Texas St. I can’t believe we are #17 and I picked us to beat TCU in the Hog Call. You can’t win 'em all but you have to win the next one.