Could Thompson be the answer?

Our team has developed great guard play, maybe as good as any in the league, but Kingsley has had to carry the load down low. Thomas and Cook have been serviceable, and I’m glad to have them both, but could it be Thompson who is able to take this team up another notch? Saturday he looked impressive, rebounding, blocking shots, passing, getting open for point blank looks. If he can play like that consistently, we might become a truly deserving NCAA pick rather than an afterthought to fill up the field.

Thompson and Kingsley together were the answer in that situation. Thompson has the best hands on the team. They had a game plan to stop Saiez and it worked. Trey showed all of us what he can do if he gets playing time. He can score too. He does not look for his shot. Man can he take up space and read the game. He will shine when given the chance. We all need Trey and Mosses to continue the flow together but they can’t play every minute together !
Dustin Thomas has had moments. Cook will still show a lot when given the chance don’t write him off either. Bailey will come into form also. It’s about to show in these next 4 games. When the tournament rips off I don’t think anybody would want to play them if there still hot.

I have been critical of Thompson in the past. He had a huge problem with bad fouls and it seemed that sometimes his head wasn’t in the game. That being said, the last 4 games he has made huge strides. He has a high basketball IQ, and he has great vision on the court. One of the things that hurt this team early was a lack of inside help for Moses. In short, I believe you are absolutely correct. If Thompson continues to progress, he will take this team to a different level. A huge part of this teams recent success is directly related to Thompson’s play.

Hogs breathe who does Trey remind you of?

Thompson with six assists tonight. Is he the team’s best passer?

Mike said postgame that Trey reminds him the Big O.