Could Epley play LB?

Does anyone know if Juco Epley could play LB? We seem to have a glaring need there and not much recruiting in that area.

The linebackers to pay attention to are the ones we recruited last year. Baptiste from Florida, LaFrance from Louisiana. Those two guys coupled with Scoota Harris and the return of Greenlaw will be key cogs in the linebacker core. Also, remember the name Briston Guidry. He will make an impact on the defensive line next year. As for the secondary, we will get Tutt and Richardson back from injury. Pulley will be one of the top 5 cornerbacks in the SEC next year. While a lot of these guys are inexperienced, the talent level they will bring will be a step above what we have seen from the past couple seasons. I expect at least 2 or more of these guys to have impacts on the defense like Agim has.

I like the optimism! :smiley:

Good post HB,like the way your thinking ! WPS