Could CBB survive a loss today?

If the Hogs don’t recover in the 4th quarter against a1-7 sunbelt team, Does CBB survive or has he convinced someone that “we’re close”

Follow Florida’s lead and pull the trigger.

No way. The question is, can he survive the weekend? This would be the worst loss since The Citadel, if it holds.

The answer is no. I don’t mean he is fired today or tomorrow, but I do mean he won’t be here next year. Some think today or tomorrow. Maybe I am wrong.


If he does then Long needs to be fired too for rewarding and protecting incompetence.

This… Is “The” answer.

Thankfully the kids survived so let me rephrase my question. Does CBB survive barely beating a 1-7 sunbelt team?

We won…barely…embarrassingly. Long should fire Bielema tonight and if not someone else should go ahead and fire them both.

Agree 110%

OMG, dawgtownhog make up your mind! You just said earlier they should let Coach Bielema finish the season and see how they finish, you have no credibility with your own statements.

Oh, my comprehension is fine.

Prove it…show me that post.

Dawgtownhog, my apologies I got your post mixed up with SoArkHog, I believe we are on the same page.

And now you know why I responded the way I did.

My bad, hope you’ll accept my apology.
Yes, I understand you’re frustration and I’ll be more certain with my posts in the future.

We are all frustrated…how can you not be? Lets Let’s move on. We have one thing in common and that is our love of the hogs.

Woo pig!

I am all for this as well… Hope that you finally see where we are coming from Dfarris. Nobody wants this, we all want stability and success for Our Program. I hope that is well understood now.

Cheers and Woo Pig.