Cool your jets

I really don’t want to spend the day monitoring a bunch of posters who are acting like kids in a schoolyard scrap. Post with civility and respect or don’t post.

I’m deleting the Louisville thread because y’all are misbehaving. Leave it alone.

I just got a memo from Jeff Long… Delete the Louisville thread or I’ll pull your advertising and take away your access. That is all.

Jeff Long wouldn’t know me from Eve. The thread was deleted because I want to go to the hill, tailgate, and enjoy the game. I don’t want to spend all afternoon reading that thread.

Fair enough. But I didn’t see any rules being broken there. And it was a good thread… Besides its just Texas St they aren’t even as big as UCA. You won’t miss much.

Texas State has 42000 students enrolled in 2016 fall semester
Texas State ins a Division I school in the Sun Belt Conference
Texas State endowment is at 139.5 million

UAM has 3642 students enrolled in the 2016 fall semester
UAM is a Division 2 school in the Great American Conference
UAM endowment is at 22.76 million

I really thought you might get it close this time, guess not.

Texas State has 42000 students in the 2016 fall semester
Texas State has an endowment of 139.5 million
Texas State is a Division I (FBS) school in the Sun Belt Conference

UCA has 11698 students in the fall 2016 semester
UCA has an endowment of 45.3 million
UCA is a Division II (FCS) school in the southland conference

So close!!! lol

The Jets suck. I doubt they make the playoffs.

YooHoo U. has a current enrollment of 337.

YooHoo U. has a faculty and staff consisting of 5 instructors, 2 administrators and 1 professor emeritus.

YooHoo U. has current assets totaling $23, 742, and an annual operational budget of $175,000.

When I graduated from YooHoo U., the institution was reluctantly forced to close the men’s dormitory for 30 days to sanitize and fumigate the quaint facility. I still was able to leave a lasting impression upon my Alma Mater in alternative ways, however.

Size ain’t everything, friends and neighbors.


LOL :smiley:

Really what you are saying is only post nice things that agree with every article and that are positive in your view. We can’t have a sense of humor about things and if Coach calls a fake punt on 4th and 55 from our 10 yard line and we are up by 4… they get stopped… We have to agree that it was the best choice. Please bring back the old site where freedom of opinion was accepted.

UCA is FCS, but not Division II.