Conway native Charlie strong let go

He needs to rebuild his head coaching image a bit.

He’s going to be a hell of a D-coordinator for someone, until he gets another HC shot, which he will.

D coordinator is a good start at ark.

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I’m not sure Strong is going to get another chance any time soon, and may never get another chance in the FBS. Texas could be explained, but the failure at USF is going to be hard for him to live down.

If he wants to be a DC, I’m sure he will have his choice of good jobs.

He’s from Batesville but he went to UCA.

Your correct Swine about Strong being from Batesville.
He would be a good DC. He isn’t hurting for cash!

Lol ok.

He is a Batesville Pioneer

I’d be glad to have him as DC next season at Arkansas!

At this point Farris I would take you as a DC over Chief.

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