Considering the "mess" at Ole Miss

I was wondering if Matt Luke is going to continue his predecessors plan of making every game a bowl game. In that spirit and because it’s July and I’m bored…my Ole Miss Bowl Tour 2017:

Week 1 vs. South Alabama

 The "We would rather be at the FloraBama" Bowl

Week 2 vs. Tenn-Martin

  The "Well it's not the Vols but we don't want to play the Vols" Bowl

Week 3 vs. California

  The "That's a long way to travel to get a beatin'" Bowl

Week 4 Bye Week

Week 5 vs. Alabama

  The "Seriously? We had to wait two weeks for this whoopin'!" Bowl

Week 6 vs. Auburn

  The "Oh my God! Two weeks in a row?" Bowl

Week 7 vs. Vanderbilt

  The "This would normally be a win but dang Vandy is actually good" Bowl

Week 8 vs.LSU

  The "Bayou Beatdown" Bowl

Week 9 vs. Arkansas

  The "We hate Houston Nutt" Bowl

Week 10 vs. Kentucky

   The "What? Kentucky is actually good?" Bowl

Week 11 vs. LA-Lafayette

  The "Dang! We need this one!" Bowl

Week 12 vs. Texas A&M

  The "Come on let's save Sumlins job" Bowl

Week 13 vs. Mississippi State

   The "Geeze! It's finally over!" Bowl

Feel free to come up with your own version.

Those quips are imaginative and entertaining. Kudos to you.

Ummmm, did you forget a team, or did Sumlin already leave aTm?

Yeah…I screwed the pooch n noticed immediately but as I went to edit my laptop died. It is fixed now. Enjoy!