Conner Vanover

Is it a done deal that he won’t be available this year? If that’s not the case, why in the world does it take the NCAA so long to make a decision?

Supposedly, the NCAA had a couple of questions and wanted some clarification. So, hopefully they are progressing.

The NCAA is a joke! The player that transferred to UNLV in late July was approved to play this season over a month ago! So what questions do you think really existed for the idiots to want answered.
The real issue is apparent the HC at Cal got fired and the young man has an immediate family member facing health issues! What else matters other than the simple fact the NCAA is incompetent.

Me thinks if he was in KY, FL, AU, Duke, MICH ST, he would have already been approved eligible long ago.

I totally agree !! WPS

Calm down. I haven’t seen anything that says his waiver has been denied. Still 12 days to go before official season start.

Was anyone here not calm? ? ? Just stating an OPINION, hence the term “ forum.” LOL…

Calm down! Why should anyone calm down. It’s obvious the NCAA is doing the usually to Arkansas! Dragging their feet and putting it on the back burner.

I do think the kid should get an immediate eligibility exemption, not saying that to be partisan or biased, but certainly with what happened out West, and the situation at home, he should qualify. Not sure why he has not as of yet. Clearly the NCAA has different standards for different schools.