College Sports is getting almost like free agency in the pros.

Down goes two, go find a FA on the open market somewhere. LOL… Not sure why they left though, they were freshman, kinda bizarre. I’ve had dates last longer than they were here.

C.J. was a sophomore.

It they don’t want to be here I’m glad they are gone.
The real issue here is the simple fact kids want to play period and don’t want to wait.
A spoiled pampered society grows this type of kids. It’s part of why I don’t watch the NFL or the NBA anymore.

Yes, SoArkHog, I realized CJ was a Sophmore after I typed it later, he didn’t play much as a Freshman though.

So ArmyHog you have a problem with the NFL and NBA but not any other sport, claiming they’re pampered??? Why do I get the feeling their may be more to it than that? LOL… Connor McGreggor just threw a tantrum in NYC, got charged with 3 offenses, one serious. We have consistently one of the SEC’s most talented baseball team’s, but they aren’t winning anything again this season, why is that do you suppose? NASCAR is basically a popularity contest, with a bunch of rednecks following one another, and deciding who’s going to win at the end, and then the loser throws a helmet at a vehicle, acting like a complete idiot, after the inevitable crash happens. What two major sports have had the most strikes/shutdown’s, and what two sports have had the least? A: The NFL and NBA have had the least, and the NHL and MLB have had the most. What do you suppose is the most athletic of sports, and one that takes the most effort? A: Track and Field.