College Football Playoff

When the idea for the playoff was first brought up by the SEC, it was a bad idea. When the BCS started rewarding the SEC (Bama vs LSU), a playoff was a must, but now we are back to names more than accomplishment. I wonder if the committee will do the right thing and put in 4 teams that earned it, instead of letting OSU in on name recognition.

For those that argue, here you go:

Bama - 13-0 undefeated SEC Champs
Washington - 12-1 PAC 12 Champs
Clemson - 12-1 ACC Champs

Last spot:
tOSU - 11-1 B1G team (didn’t win their division)
Penn St - 11-2 B1G champ (won tOSU’s division and beat tOSU)
Wisconsin - 11-2 B1G champs (lost to tOSU)

If Penn State wins, how do you put Ohio State in? How do you say they deserved it?

If Penn State wins, I suspect they would consider both Penn State AND tosu.

I think obviously, the league champion should get the bid over any runner up. And I also think a four team format is insufficient and should be an 8 team format with a league championship game required. And the field be the winner of the big 5 conferences and three at large teams. I do not think there is enough time for a larger playoff number than 8.

Honestly, I don’t think there should be eight. I do think 4 isn’t enough, but if you watched the “game” yesterday, Harbaugh has a legitimate gripe. There were some questionable spots, no calls, and actual calls that all went in favor of tOSU. The reason why? Because the B1G gets a fat paycheck if one team gets in, and two if a second gets in. The idiot media (BSPN) has promoted and sang the praises of the B1G all year. This year an 8 team Playoff would include the B1G champ, the B1G runner ups, and 2 B1G east team, and the B12 champ (OU) might actually of still been left out.

I should have added, only one team from any conference. If you want to get into the playoffs, win your conference.

I say the B1G champ, regardless of the team, (PSU or Whiskey) should get in.

Over who?

Over OSU.

4.B1G Champ.