Colgate can shoot the 3 as good as any team in the country

All those white dudes get continual penetration and then pop it out to someone standing behind the 3 pt line. And Burns #1 is a solid shooter, and kind of makes everything click for them. Statistics are kind of hard to read with this team, because they played the same teams over and over, and didn’t really get going until January, so you have to watch the film on them.

And the film reveals, Arkansas will have to play smart defense, because they’re very creative getting guys wide open for the 3.

If you guys go into this thing with a big head, when you haven’t done anything worth even talking about, it will be one and done, but even if you get by the first game, Tech will definitely get you in the 2nd round, if your attitudes aren’t right.

Shoot well and win. Shoot poorly snd lose. Even though they would have beaten LSU if they hadn’t played so sloppy on offense and out of position on defense.

First game should be a comfortable win. After that, if they don’t beat what they did last week they will be done.

Who is your team Jeffrey?

Jeffery, so you lost your farm a couple weeks ago, predicted a 6 seed yesterday, now your loving Colgate and TT…:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Y’all really need to learn to ignore this troll.

I worry more about the team going in with big eyes than a big head, having never been there before. Hopefully, Muss can keep them focused and grounded. He has been there before and seems to be second to none in preparation.

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