Cole Kelly Areested for DUI

Can it get any worse. … bn=4196225

And now the one and final reason to like Bielema…no off the field issues is gone…

Our program is circling the bowl.

That reason (final excuse) should have been gone a Long time ago. CBB has had just as many off the field player issues as CBP. i.e. remember the player arrested for urinating on campus, Drew Morgan spitting in Belk Bowl etc. Now they all apologize; which I accept, but seems like some are willing to accept some apologies, but not from all others as a matter of selective convenience.

I insist, the[color=#FF0040] Great A - Train Robbery[/color] (by CBB & Long) continues right in front of incredibly naive eyes.

But to your point, no one should be trying to plant that false “uncommon” men of character marketing bit down our throats. Somebody at some level must show accountability. Does not seem Long or CBB will do. 11-27 Conference Record there are No positives unless you think a slight uptick in APR; but still dead last in SEC in APR is worthy of $4 million and all of the losses.

Sarcasm is obviously lost on you. Geeze and ya just gotta bring Bobby P into the convo don’t you.

We’ve all been young and made mistakes, but as far as I’m concerned they could release Cole today and it would be just fine with me.
He’s a big ole boy, but honestly, he’s not what Arkansas needs at QB going forward. He’s not agile in the pocket, has zero ball security and therefore a turnover machine.
Arkansas has to have a QB that is mobile, agile, quick or he will have no chance with our O-Line against the defenses in the SEC.
I would wish Cole all the best for his future and hope that he will learn from this mistake and move forward in a better direction.

For some reason, drinking is part of our culture and it takes time to gain the experience to your limit. Normally drinking too much and driving home is just a minor mistake, but sometime you get stopped and arrested which make it worse. And, occasionally, when someone is injured or killed, it is a major mistake.