Cole Kelley

Impressed with Kelley tonight. Looked poised and confident. Impressed with receiver Jones as well. CBB needs to seriously consider Kelley as starting Quarterback after the Auburn game, especially if we lose. I know this won’t please the Allen supporters, but this season is a bust and CBB needs to look to develop players for next season if he’s here next season.

I agree completely…I have been advocating a youth movement for nearly a year now. The upperclassmen have failed in leadership roles, it showed at the end of last year and it continues. I know Bielema loves upperclassmen and espically Seniors but it is time to move on.

The young man looked good.
One thing he needs to do is to pray CBB won’t be around much longer, or his football career is ruined.

Definitely agree it’s time to move on from the Allen brothers. Austin actually looks much worse this year as compared to last year. Agree this year is already a bust. Nothing will be gained going forward with AA.

AA passed for 400 yards aginst Bama last year! The 28 points we gave them on turnovers beat us. We did score enough last year to win! The defense was the problem last year as well as turnovers. This year we have went backwards.
The youth movement is the only chance for the hogs is have a good year in 18.
The Defense will be better next year the question is will we have a coach that continues to attempt to drive a square peg through a round hole? The shot gun should continue and they better find some Olinmen that want to play.
Cole Kelly is the future and he needs to gain some experience before next year. He wants to win! I also believe they need to go after Bohannon the dual threat QB from Earle. He may not be a like minded QB that Enos wants but it’s what they need in order to compete and win!

I totally agree we should continue with Kelley at QB and by all means recruit Bohannon as a QB instead of an athlete. We should also abandon the scheme of a power running team because you need mammoth OL to achieve that. The linemen we get and plentiful in Ark and surrounding states are the type for a spread option offense. Bohannon would fit perfectly in that system and with our ability to always recruit good skilled people would make us more competitive.