Cole Kelley

What impact - if any - do you think Cole Kelley’s DUI will have on the QB pecking order and depth chart determinations between the present time and fall camp practice?? Do you think that Coach Morris is enough of an “old school” disciplinarian to take a dim view of Kelley’s candidacy bid in light of this episode, - - or do you think Coach Morris will shrug off the incident as a philosophical “boys will be boys” misstep - and nothing more? What do you consider the odds to be that Coach Morris might “encourage” kelley to move on to another program?

I’m not trying to instigate a problematic scenario here where none may exist. I’m simply wondering what Coach Morris’s “Do Right Philosophy” and “Repercussions Fallout Agenda” might entail.

What say you?

Only time will tell! It may be a case where he better not have any other issue or he may be sent packing! That’s what I would do! Lets hope the team can avoid discipline issues, law violations and injuries. Cole Kelly is a winner. He gives everything he has on the field and he’s a load to take down.

Just my opinion, but I don’t believe Cole Kelley is the starting QB for our new coaching staff.
So, believed no that to be the case and couple that with the DUI, I believe Cole will at some point be a transfer as will most likely be the case with several other players that will not fit with this staffs offensive and defensive schemes.
We will most likely be playing young players this season and that’s fine, because I believe the goal is having all of these guys playing well in the system by year three.
I’m not throwing in the towel on the upcoming season, I believe they can reach bowl eligibility, but the real goal is to have everything in place as far as the key players by year three.

Go Hogs!

Those are interesting observations, and I take no exception to either of them. My initial impression of Coach Morris includes the likelihood that he is prone to keep individual behavioral concerns such as this in a rather closely-guarded private compartment, holding them “close to the vest”, so to speak.

Time will tell in regard to Cole Kelley, - - on more than a single count. Not all that much time is involved in this consideration, either. We shall see.