Coaching Matters: Chaney's Offense@GA is Horrific

How does anyone hire Jim Chaney as OC is beyond my grasp. Watching Georgia with all that talentin 26 - 24 win over Nichols State was like watching CBB and Chaney in their first year. Coaching Matters. We lost a a Gold Mine in Bobby Petrino and I don’t care how you wish to slice, dice and trivialize the man for his mistake.

You mean like having a super dominant OL and winning a game by one point against munch lesser competition because they missed two FG’s?

Yes, I prefer the offense by YKW that is up 56-0 at the half score 130 plus points after two games while they work out their rust and kinks.

Still living back there 4 1/2 years ago; what a shame! Move on people!

Here we go again :roll: I will post the comparison one more time since my last one was deleted on a previous post.

CBP: 12 years HC (Western Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisville{twice})
Record: 102-39 72.3%
Bowl Berths: 9
Bowl Record: 5-4
BCS Bowls: 2
Conference Championships: 2

CBB: 11 years HC (Wisky, Arkansas)
Record: 87-44 66.4%
Bowl Berths: 9
Bowl Record: 4-4 (CBB left Wisky for Arkansas before the 2012 Rose Bowl)
BCS Bowls: 3
Conference Championships: 3

CBP took over an Arkansas team the finished 8-5 with a road victory over the #1 team in the country in the final regular season game.

CBB took over an Arkansas team that finished 4-8

Fixed it for you

You can post the same info 1000 times., It does not change the subject nor the point. Chaney was horrible OC at Arkansas under CBB and it shows after two games under Smart at Georgia. Georgia has talent as Arkansas did.

Then point is CBP offense today has 130 plus points, it is getting national attention, yes he is gone, not coming back, but it does not mean fans can’t be impatient with what we saw last week.

It is NOT about and NEVER will be about CBP versus CBB. Both are great coaches. IT IS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS AT ARKANSAS. that is no LIE!!! A win today and CBB is in very good shape.

Fans don’t “move on” until their team WIN!!!. Yes it has been 4 1/2 years since we have won with any kind of relevancy. Let not just give CBB a free pass, let demand more than a hollow mantra of “doing it the right way” No one ever did anything the wrong way at UA. A win today will be step toward moving forward. But lets win some games shall we?

Baked, do your homework before you try and “Fix” me, Chief. :wink:
Wisky ,MSU, and OSU all finished 7-1 in conference play. Wisky beat OSU 31-18 that year. Wisky was given the Rose bowl Berth for being the highest ranked of the 3 teams. OSU went to the Sugar against us. OSU did not have their games vacated till well after the bowl season was over.


Wisky went 6-2 and Penn State went 6-2. Wisky won the head to head with Penn St. 45-7. Because of head to head victory, Wisky represented the Leaders Division and played MSU (7-1) Legends Divison Champs in the Big 10 Title Game. Wisky won 42-39. Giving them the Big 10 title and Rose Bowl Berth.

This was the only year that Wisky benefited from OSU and Penn State being on probation. Wisky still had to play in the Big 10 title game to get Rose Bowl berth. Wisky beat Nebraska 70-31.

So, you’re correction of my correction is to tell me I was right and CBB didn’t win his way to 3 BCS games :wink:

You’re correct 2 games, but that ties him with Petrino, doesn’t beat him

A fact about Hog Authority to the unknowing. HA cannot make three posts in continuity without mentioning his wronged Bobby Petrino. He is like a kid with a stuttering affliction. He cannot help it.

Baked, I am glad you came over from the old board! LOL, I always enjoy debating you :smiley: . Yes, he did get his 3rd BCS berth by way of 2 teams being on probation. But, it is not his fault they couldn’t hold their water, so to speak. lol Good chat :mrgreen: Now if you will excuse me, I have one more thing to post before game.

Bobby Petrino was NOT wronged. His firing was justified. Not everyone would have fired him in favor of some other punishment. I am UA Alumni, donty you worry about why or how I have desired to WIN like we did during the Bobby Petrino days. CBB may almost be there. We will know in about 5 hours. But you bet bud, I want to win and those references to do it the right way is for girlie men.

Let’s take a closer look at Louisville’s “impressive” wins as compared to the Hogs"squeaking by" victory.

Louisville: 70
Charlotte record last 2 years:
2014: 5-6
2015: 2-10 MTSU beat Charlotte 73-14 last year

Louisville: 62
Syracuse: 28
Syracuse record last 2 years:
2014: 3-9
2015: 4-8
combined: 7-17

Arkansas: 21
LaTech: 20
LaTech combined record last 2 years:
2014: 9-5 Played in conference title game and won Dallas Bowl over Illinois 35-18
2015: 9-4 LaTech beat MTSU last year 45-16.Won the New Orleans Bowl over ASU 47-28
combined: 18-9
LaTech has more wins in the last 2 years than both of Louisville’s opponents COMBINED…HMMMMM :geek:

You make Petrino out as a mistreated soul in your response to me here, in the OP and all down the thread. You made him out as mistreated continually on the old board for years. How does all that mistreatment not equate to being wronged? I never thought of Petrino as macho and his motorcycle skills resemble girlie.

Very true, very true

All that being said, I am really worried about this game guys. TCU is going to be really hard to upset, at their house. The only way we win this game is if the Oline and Dline can control both sides of the LOS. A lot to ask for.

Someone said earlier, if we limit the “Big Play” referring to the deep pass. I think we would want to force that, it would give our ends a chance at Hill. The little 5 yard slants kill us (and me). The offense should run straight down their throats, but of course their D will morph into runstoppers tonight. Always seems to be our luck.

Hey, HA… This new format is terrible compared to what we had … It is like Matt Jones fell off a motor cycle and this is the replacement. One of my simple enjoyments was posting during the game with others while watching. I would guess that is dead now.

YKW is holding up his end of the perfect storm… Today it is up to CBB. Clemson certainly looks beatable after the first two weeks. Yes… coaching matters and yea, what is all the love for Chaney other that he has some kind of super bromance with…Coach SAM… The places that are having success are mostly those that are hiring the the young guys that are from the spread offense programs. and I give CPB ykw some love for adapting the spread into his new system. Yup coaching matters and matching the right QB to the right offense matters… Texas Tech might be the surprise out of the big 12. I am actually hopeful t-tech goes 6-6 so we can play them in a bowl game.

Anyhow HA… over and out I will certainly be a less frequent visitor in the new format. Enjoy the game.