Coaching change is needed

In order to come to that decision you have to way the pros and the cons…Embarrassing vs not embarrassing moments.


  1. Wins against Ole Miss and LSU when they were ranked in 2014.
  2. Those same wins in 2015.
  3. Beating a ranked FL team at home 2016
  4. Win in Texas Bowl
  5. Win in Liberty Bowl


  1. 10-27 in conference record in 5 years.
  2. 27-31 over all record
  3. Embarrassing loss to Toledo
  4. Gave up rushing record to Auburn 2016
  5. Gave up 2nd have come back record to the weakest team in the conference Missouri
  6. Gave up a bowl game come back record to Virginia Tech
  7. Had the worst rushing offense in college football.
  8. 0-5 against A&M
  9. Gave up 32 sacks in one year 2016. Broke a record. Consider this. When BA was at Arkansas he was sacked a total of 42 times in 4 years as a starter.
  10. Not only does the defense give it away, the OL is just as horrible.

I could add more but you get the point. I didn’t even add the Long debacle by giving an extension to a coach that went 6-6. Since when does anyone get a raise for being mediocre. This should be a no brainer. If Long doesn’t fire Bret we may need to get rid of him too.

Is it true, he has never won a game when trailing at half?

Yup, i think it is something like 0-17 now