Coach Replacement

Dilemma can be solved by getting rid of Beliema. No concept of defense. Defense wins ball games, PERIOD.

Yep I have seen enough of this defensive play of two or three games maybe looking good and the rest looking sickening after being told this was our strength this year! Once again games where the wheels just come off! A change must be made by BB on the defense or we will be looking for a coaching change at the top! I truly believe if Enos wasnt here our offense would not be much better than the defense! Enos is a play caller and a QB maker and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is not here next year but being a head coach somewhere! BB deserves to see what he can get done next year, but its time to be around the 9 win mark from here on out in year five next year for 4 mill a year, I mean come on with the Big Boy Football, cause i’m not seeing it!!!

I see a lot of folks referencing the $ 4mil a year. What nobody follows up with is that he is # 8 in the SEC in pay. If we go by that measurement then he’s about on track. The market is driving theses salaries so bringing it up is really not a substantial argument.

Having said that I believe 9 wins is not too much to ask. They obviously choked the Mizzou game or we would have been right there.

Is that going to stop the rest of the league from elevating coaching salaries? No. our competitors will continue to drive up the market And it won’t matter if they are winning 4,8,or 10 games, an SEC coach is going to make a lot of money. It is what it is.

I think that the DC should go and I have stated this on many threads. But instead, we are getting a scheme change from 4-3 to 3-4. Apparently both the HC and the DC think this is a better way to go. If so, I would hope to see a little of this in the bowl game as a wrinkle on defense to keep VaTech on their heels. Well… we will see. HOGS YA’LL.

4-3 or 3-4 either way you have to get off blocks and tackle! You can’t be predictable and set back and wait on the opponent to make a mistake to get off the field! It’s not 2 hand touch. Hit and be aggressive let the enemy know your there!
Safeties and corners not looking for the ball in pass coverage helps the offense but it sure don’t help the defense. I have heard players in position and fundamentals too much show how you play and be in position and make plays.
Put some pressure on the QB and make them uncomfortable! Make them earn every inch they get. It’s an attitude and want too that starts and ends with coaching and scheme! Take that bend and no break and stick it
Coach BB will make the changes necessary to fit the opponent. I’m not in favor of firing Coach BB. He has made an impact on the offense and has brought in Enos.
Give him the respect and time to fix the defense. He is not blind and knows full well how horrible the defense has been this year.

The next 2 years will determine if Coach B is over his head in the SEC and at Arkansas. Maybe he underestimated the SEC and recruiting to Arkansas.

Again we’ll have coaching turnover, although he blamed the coaching turnover at Wisky on the AD not paying coaches enough.

If Coach B is serious about the 3-4 defense he best have the LB’s and a legit 3-4 DC to handle it. So far our LB’s have been too slow other than Spaight. I trust that he can implement it and make it work.

No more blow out losses nor record setting losses.

Shut your mouth Coach B until you can back it up.

I’ll give him 2 more years to win 18 games.


just thought i would stop by for a good dose of football ignorance, and…the forum never disappoints. thank you for your support

OMG, just think what this board or some on this board will do if/when we fire CBB and start over with another brash name brand Coach who possibly takes us through 3-4-5 more years this. Ya know rebuilding, teaching his system, recruiting woes getting his type of players, funneling through assistants and coordinators, etc.
Or maybe he wins the SECW and a NC in a couple years.

Well it’s obvious to me that we’re not going to get a new DC and that Bielema and Smith have been contemplating going to a 3-4. I don’t think this will be overnight because now we have to recruit and get the right players, specifically LB’s. Whether this will be successful in the next 2 years is up for debate but any talk of Bielema being fired in the next 2-3 years no matter the record is a long shot.

And next we can talk about your chances of winning the Lottery, which are actually higher than BB being fired right now.

I was not a fan of his hiring when it happened, and I still have strong doubts, but talking of firing him is a total waste of time. Not gonna happen. Not now.

I think your projection for the next 2-3 years is spot on. The Hog football program is respected nationally. A very solid foundation has been built.

The old expression(or something akin to it) that winning changes everything is pretty much true with few exceptions. My biggest hope for all of us is that CBB manages , along with his staff, to pull it all together starting next year and go 10-2 or better! OK, I know what the odds are so get that smirk off your face. But lets all hope for the best starting with the bowl game against VaTech. HOGS YA’LL.

I think what we should replace is a few fans.


With a 15 million dollar buyout looming, we are married to Bret Bielema and divorce is not an option anytime soon. Personally, I think he is an affable guy but he has failed to significantly move the needle as far as excellence on the field is concerned. He has done an admirable job at getting our student-athletes to be students but he has not done a very good job at making our student-athletes perform as athletes. In this current recruiting class to be signed in February, we have 2 commitments that are in ESPN’s top 300. Alabama has 18. Auburn has 8. Furthermore, he never offered the Alabama commit who is graduating from Fayetteville High School. While there might be “issues” with this young man, Alabama still offered him. I can’t guarantee we can sign a highly regarded kid if we offer him but I can guarantee that we can’t if we don’t. You won’t come close to winning a SEC West championship by signing a bunch of 3 stars. It might work in the Big 10 West but not here.

My greatest concern is that we have a mentality in our athletic administration that the best reason to be a coach of the Razorback football program is that after 4 years you can make a great living by being a little bit better than mediocre - get us to a bowl game (any bowl game) and it’s all good. With that kind of thinking, threads like this are going to become much more commonplace.

I’m not going to weigh in on the dueling camp drawn battle lines between the CBB supporters and his disenchanted detractors here on the board. Frankly, I don’t KNOW ENOUGH to make an astute, in-depth assessment of the unvarnished truth in regard to this dispute. I rather STRONGLY suspect that some of you other posters here - whichever camp you gravitate toward and pay homage to - can’t haul the freight in regard to being able to bring to bear the quintessential insight to accomplish such weighty determinations either; - - - but adherents to both camps are certainly entitled to their disparate espoused opinions. I am deeply disappointed in the quality of Razorbacks play in the Auburn, Texas A&M and Missouri games, - - - but I’m in no position of moral authority to affix blame. For me to assay to do so would be singularly unavailing in terms of equitable resolution of this perplexing dilemma. Perhaps some of you who purport to know the specific course of action which would undoubtedly bring immediate advancement in Razorbacks fortunes should petition Richard, Matt, Dudley, Clay, Wally, Jimmy, the scintillating and effervescent BaumbasticHawg or one of the other mods - or a member of the athletic administration hierarchy - for an opportunity to enlighten them in regard to what desperately needs to transpire to ensure a dramatic upswing in Hogs football success. I’m reasonably certain (?) that they would be absolutely thrilled to entertain your learned assessment and your pertinent sage advice. Go for it; - - - and good luck.

If Bret Bielema and staff take our football team to get beat at Auburn (with its array of native Arkansans on the coaching staff) 38-28 with the game being competitive until late in the fourth quarter, I am not nearly as frustrated with this season’s results. If we score one more touchdown and hold on to beat Missouri, I would not think of responding to this thread. If our defense even shows half of the desire and effort in all of our games that we displayed against Florida, I would have some reason for hope that were are going to get better next season. But none of those things happened in year 4 of Bret Bielema’s tenure here. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I do have enough intellect to know that 7-5 (so far) is neither very good nor very bad. For Jeff Long, that is probably ok. For me (a Razorback fan for almost 57 years), not so much. Because even after Bret Bielema and Jeff Long move on (and they will), I am still going to be a Razorback fan until my last breath. Simply put, we can do better. I just hope that those “in the know” and much smarter than I feel that way too.

Well said. Your post was essentially realistic in nature - and obviously heartfelt - without being overtly condemning, confrontational or demeaning. I salute you.