Coach B's Buyout

Jeff Long signed of on a 14 plus million dollar buyout if Coach B gets fired. In the SEC there are only 2 other FB coaches that have higher buyouts. Coach Saban with a 20 million plus and Kentucky’s FB Coach with a 14.2 million buyout. Saban would deserve such a buyout … Coach B ?? Jeff Long must have been smoking some strange stuff when he signed off on a 14 million buyout for Coach B. It’s only gonna get worse. RIGHR NOw is the time to fire long and Coach . Why wait around and watch the Hogs slide all the way to the bottom. Coach B’s idea of FB might have been ok up North, but in the SEC his style of coaching SUCKS !!! Take a hike Coach B !!!

The Top Tier Boosters/ Donors should have already talked tonight and should have come to a consensus as to how to move forward with working out a renegotiated contractual buyout for Coach B with both sides legal representation.
Don’t try to tell me it can’t be done, it darn well can and it most certainly should be done.
It would be best for everyone if this doesn’t linger and get drawn out for the remainder of the season with no prospects that this coaching staff is starting to turn a corner towards better seasons.

For God’s sake just get it done!

There will be no renegotiated contract. If he’s fired we owe him $15M. The administration and boosters just need to decide whether keeping him is worth it for the good of the program. If we go 0-8 this year or even 1-7 then after 5 years we can’t afford to keep him!

That is only because after a couple of years of losing football, Jeff Long gave coach B a million dollar raise and increased the amount of the buyout for 2017 by $9 million from 6 to 15 million. Now, to guarantee tha coach B remains, Jeff Long should give coach B another million dollar raise, extend his contract by several years, and increase his buyout by another $10 million.

Forget about firing coach B. Instead fire Jeff Long, for foolishly extending the contract, giving coach B a million dollar raise, and increasing the 2017 buyout by 9 million dollars. Then let the new AD decide what to do about coach B.

Nobody is saying it can’t be done, but people like me are telling everybody else to pump the breaks. Sure we can pay the buyout, but unless a big booster like Jerry Jones is going to give us 15 million outright for his dismissal(excluding having the money to get a new coach), this will be a process of paying probably 2 million dollars a year for 7 years. That being the case, if the board and Long do fire Bielema then the next hire has to be a home run because we can’t afford to pay another buyout for years to come. Meaning, if the fans get tired of the new coach in 3 years for not winning 10 games(like a lot of our fans do) then we’re stuck for at least another 4 years until we can fire that coach and start the process all over again. Basically, we are in a no win situation unless we get the perfect coach.

That’s right General, our fans suck. If only we were smart enough to understand just how brilliant Long and CBB is, we would just shut up and enjoy the slide. I’m sure in your rather pedestrian brain, this is all a part of a master plan that will lead us back to respectability. General, you really need to take Bo, Dudley, and Clay Jr. a little less seriously. As for a possible buyout, if things continue to spiral down like this, I can see a number of well to do boosters pulling their resources together to get the buyout done. After all, what’s more humiliating, the fans, or watching this team get ran out of the stadium the rest of the season. Can you honestly say that this team can stay on the same field as Bama, Auburn, let alone Ole Piss or Mizzou?

First of all, if you disagree with me that’s fine, but there’s not point in insulting my intelligence. Second, for insulting my intelligence, your entire rant either ignored or misunderstood my statement, so please read again. Finally, no, we’ll probably get killed by Bama and Auburn. Ole Miss and Mizzou we can probably beat.

I’ve never said that can’t or won’t buy him out.

What I have said that somebody or somebodies will have to come to the AD with the money. They won’t just take it out of the saving account.

He would get it in monthly installments - about $4 a year

Wow, I thought his buyout would be a big thing. $4 a year ain’t that bad, kudos to Jeff for working out that deal. Impressive :wink:

I normally do not tend to blame coaches, but I think this is an exception. So far lately we are failing on offense, defense and special teams. I wonder if it is legal to just pay the coach but relieve him of any duties and hire someone to actually be coach. That would not save any money long term but would avoid instant payout.

Those who have the means to buy out a contract did not get that wealth by giving millions to “donate” that type of money with no return on the investment.

No one is going anywhere this year!