Coach Bielema says “ We’re Close “

This was his response to a postgame question asking about how he can instill hope in the Football Program that he is building to the players and fans.
I realize that he is backed in corner and wants to try to stay positive for his staff and players, but how can anyone watch the film of that and many other games over the past several years and honestly look at anyone or himself in the mirror and suggest that “We’re Close”?
At some point a rational person would have to come to the realization that it’s just not going to work out, not that they aren’t trying to work toward better results, but that despite best intentions a change is probably in the best interest for all parties

Almost without fail he will refer to the fact that he thought they had a good week of preparation and were focused solely on the weeks opponent and then after another embarrassing loss he proclaims that they will make the necessary corrections for the miscues during the game.
If this were a college course and the coaching staffs corrections that supposedly made each week after the latest loss were to be graded, I believe they would have earned a failing grade by all accounts.
Hey, maybe I’m just overreacting in my judgement and trust Coach Bielema because from what he says “We’re Close”.
I’m left to wonder just what he thinks his program is “Close” to? Are we close to being able to maybe cover the spread on betting lines in 5 more years with him at the helm? What? What? Just what is it that you believe we are close to, i think we would all like to know?
I say, just pay the ransom of 5 million and consider it a commitment to the future rebirth of a respectable Razorback Football Program!

Close? To a buyout???