Coach BB said Ark fans were mean, see article written last few days ago?

I agree, some are over the edge in what and how they say it. On the other hand the fans that pay good money like the coach we expect to see something better. Being held to a high standard as a millionaire is not mean. The record speaks for itself… being competitive is not being mean… I see some of the same issues with the coaching style year after year. This year I see no leadership step up. Being retired Military you have to instill leadership form day one. From head to toe.

I find it hard to believe anyone would disagree with holding the coaches accountable…after all they are paid primarily to win games (among other things of course).

That said…

Social media has given a sounding board to people that have no business with access to these tools that give them direct access to players and coaches. Posting comments on a board where readers can choose to log in and read is one thing, but these kids carry around their phones and the tweets, snapchats, etc hit them immediately. The stuff I hear and see people post on those is down right shameful and embarrassing to any normal sane Hog fan. If those comments are what he’s referring to, then I can’t help but agree. Keep the players off of that stuff because there are some really crazy people with access to that stuff and they truly need to be banned from it.

There’s a big difference between constructive criticism and venting your own personal venom at somebody else.

Venting on being frustrated about a game or how our team played is one thing, going after players and coaches on a personal level is crossing the line. And like Boarn said, some people just need to learn to keep their opinion to themselves. Just because you can say something, doesn’t mean you should say it.

I understand where Bielema is coming from. Since he’s been here, he’s had decommitted players get blasted on twitter to where the recruit talked about how crazy we all were. He’s had players property damaged(BA’s truck). And he’s had people calling for his job and seen nasty messages to certain players. Enough is enough. Be a fan or don’t. Being a fan means you stick with the team no matter what. Negativity doesn’t accomplish anything. All this talk of a new coach and how bad our players are hasn’t made anything better.

In short, Bielema is right. We need to be better fans. I’ve lived in so many different states and been around so many different fanbases. We aren’t the worst(Texas, Texas A&M, and LSU were the worst), but we are living up to every stereotype, everybody in every other state has about us when some of our moronic citizens chime off on social media. JUST STOP!!!

Objectivity takes awhile to set in after a bad loss and to many times things are said that’s inappropriate. We all have been there in one way or another and frustration overrides our ability to stay civil toward Coaches and players. Things said about Coaches are one thing but direct call out of players is truly uncalled for, can’t imagine how I would feel as a parent,grandparent or sibling and have family called out. I as a Razorback hope we all can refrain from letting our emotions of disappointment become texts of hatefulness, we as adults have to rise above such things. Here’s to a big win come Saturday!! WPS

Some and perhaps a majority of fans can be mean. And, certainly most fans have unrealistic expectations. However, the head coach make in the neighborhood of 100 times of my income. Therefore, far more is expected of him than would be expected of me and rightfully so.

so by your logic, you have no right to be angry if they get your order wrong at McDonald’s

I wish people would keep in mind the difference between:

  1. Saying something around the coffee pot at work to your co-workers (assuming none of you co-workers is a parent of player, etc.)

  2. Posting something on a paid message board

  3. Posting something on a free message board

  4. Putting something on Facebook or Twitter

  5. Sending something to a player or coach that you know they will see.

If I tell one of my co-workers that player X is lazy and shouldn’t be playing (etc.), that is vastly different than sending that message to that player or posting it somewhere that I know or should know the player is likely to see it. Whether my opinion about a player or coach is right, wrong or otherwise, frankly I have NO BUSINESS sending my opinions to someone I do not know and never will know. Did I tell my son he wasn’t hustling enough when he was playing? You bet. Did I say that to his teammate? NO, NOT MY PLACE.

My logic is far better than your silly logic. You fail to understand that all jobs don’t have the same level of complexity.

Ask Petrino how mean Arkansas’ fans are…he did everything he could to stay in our great state! Win and fans treat you like a king…Lose and fans treat you like a bum. Any SEC coach knows this…more proof that this guy is in over his head