Coach Anderson Draws Line In The Sand

It’s announced the Hogs and Mizzou BB game this Sat is a sell out, per Demo Gazette.
In today’s paper, Coach Anderson stated “I’m looking forward to our guys really improving
upon their performance the other night”. Anderson said " That was not a typical Razorback
performance and we vow to make sure that people see the real Razorbacks when we play

I hope so. I have faith that it will happen, but I want to see it from tip off till the final buzzer.

I hope so also, Mizzou will bring their A game you can count that, my concern will be to keep the bigs out of foul trouble. WPS

Looking forward to watching Anderson tonight, yes Anderson. I was behind the bench at the LSU game and completely shocked at how complacent he was during the first half. We can analyze the players and Anderson’s strategy all day long but the bottom line is…if Anderson won’t step up and motivate his players after watching them play lazy after the first 5 minutes - then what you end up with is an entire first half of lazy. That’s not a talent or strategy problem - that’s lack of leadership. How many timeouts did he call as his players were walking up and down the court during the first half? I also observed that during the timeouts he did call, ALL the coaches and players were standing around looking bored.

So…I’m watching Anderson tonight. I hope he brings his game. If he doesn’t, expect the same.