Close game tonight, caught Arkansas looking ahead to Indiana, and a little unprepared tonight

Great coaching though to get through it, and move a long. That was the kind of game Arkansas might have not been able to pull through in the past, but they were able to get some guys in foul trouble, make a couple huge 3’s, and squeak out a W…

Obviously will have to play 150% better to have a chance against Valparaiso’s bigger brother from the same state.

No kidding!
We are only getting production from 7 players in most games an I fear that may cause wear on the legs once we get into the heart of the conference season. Tired legs leads to perimeter shooting percentage going down and we are highly dependent on scoring from the perimeter.

Another thing that may have hurt us some tonight, the kids were in finals most of last week.

Could be. Valpo’s been on the road for a week, but they finished finals on the 13th.

Sometimes you jump out to a big lead and subconsciously think “we’ve got this,” and next thing you know the big lead is gone. I wasn’t there but that may be what we had in the middle 25-30 minutes of play.