Chip Kelly's Gators

Kelly will challenge for the east soon. SEC is about to get a coaching makeover.

Kelly is going to UCLA

that was my guess … not surprised that UCLA pulled the trigger this weekend - knowing that the two or three big names - including Kelly would be gone by next weekend. Arkansas needs to pull the trigger as well … or be left with the decreasing choices.

Yeah, Florida went to Kelly’s house with an offer and a contract and left without a deal. Maybe Kelly is just making them wait to see what UCLA says. …maybe he isn’t interested. I posted something weeks ago after McElwain was fired and it became obvious Bielema wasn’t going to survive the season saying the music has started will Arkansas have a seat when it stops? I worry we will not.

Forgot where I saw it, but someone posted an article that basically said whoever AR wants they can get. They have the money to outbid most teams. To many deep pocketed boosters. Kind of shocked me to see that statement. Also, makes me wonder why we’ve never made a run at Urban, Saban, Harbaugh, or others if we really want to win that much.

Arkansas has plenty of money and resources just not the prestige that teams like OSU, MIchigan, and Alabama have. If Arkansas was such a low down mediocre program coaches like Petrino and Bielema would not have come here.

My comment is more about people saying winning football is the most important thing. People on here are saying we need a proven winner. You’re right about the prestige, but if we can outbid most schools, why not take a significant stab at one of those three? They would obviously fit the bill of proven guy. Heck take a try at Chris Peterson from Washington (formerly Boise St). I don’t think Washington is any more prestigious than AR and we can outbid them. Why settle for Gus if that is indeed what we are going to do?

To start off with who cares about Florida or UCLA. Unless your just plain unaware Kelly has a show cause from the NCAA for paying agents to get him players at Oregon and he is a lying idiot about it. I guess most people don’t consider winning and integrity in the same thought. Look where Oregon is now. That’s where Chip Kelly put the ducks.
I could care less about Florida I hope they end up with PeeWee Herman and the 7 dwarfs coaching thier team. I’m a Razorback fan and could care less. By the way the past time the hogs played Florida we won 31-10. Despite the gators winning the soft east.

You have no idea what you are talking about.

The SEC cleared Kelly for hire. The OP is about Kelly possibly going to Florida, if you don’t care for the subject then don’t post in this thread.