Chelsea D is awesome!

I’m telling you, she’s so good, she would probably avg 10 pts a game or more, even if she played against the men. She’s got her quickness back also…

Meanwhile, Mussleman has done a fantastic job getting the Men’s team on the right track… I think they play their best when both of their big guys are on the floor at the same time… Vanover and Justin Smith… The OREO front court…LOL…Seriously, in order to catch up to Bama, TN, Mizzou, the big guys have to absolutely ball out in the paint, and contest EVERYTHING…

OSU last played a game on Monday, and have been dealing with COVID, but they will be fresh, and they take a ton of quality shots, almost all of them in the paint… It will be a tremendous challenge to have a chance at the upset on the road Saturday…

The good news for the men’s team, playing on the road isn’t normal. Gallagher-Iba is a pit of a place when it’s rocking. It won’t be Saturday.

When Gallagher-Iba is rocking, it reminds of Barnhill. The seats are all right on top of you and the noise has no place to go. I covered a lot of games there and it was always fun.

My favorite game there was an OU-OSU game that involved Billy Tubbs. It was the year after Tubbs got run over by a car while jogging and had a fractured skull. (Mike Newell was the interim coach.) OSU students wore T-shirts that said, “I jog with Billy Tubbs.” On the back were tire tracks. The OSU athletic department made the students hand them over. But not before Tubbs saw them in warm-ups. He kinda liked them.

I really liked Billy Tubbs. He tried to play the way we played in the 90’s. We just did it better.

Billy Tubbs was scheduled to play Arkansas State and this was back when there was no shot clock and A-state was going to freeze the ball to slow them down. A reporter asked Tubbs if he was concerned about that plan and he said no because no team will turn down a layup.

As far as Hogs playing better. That is true but some of it is the schedule. Ole Miss and Vandy are not very good. We will see how it goes tomorrow.

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