Chavis .. neg comments

Over the past week on this forum and the Hog insider forum, the negative comments about hiring DC Chavis have out weighed the positive
comment by 80 to 20. Looking like Chavis has not been such a good DC over the past few years and has been getting worse, as a DC.
With our new HC Morris saying he will be hiring the Best DC there is, I am now hoping Morris didn’t mean he would hire the best from A & M.
Correct me if you think I’m wrong about this, but DC Chavis appears to be someone looking for a place to land before he retires.

Coach Morris answered a question about that statement in an interview. What he said he meant was that people on his staff are going to work to be the best at what they do every day on the job. Chavis had some good d’s but at a&m every player was fast but soft… I think that’s the hc more than the dc… if the head coach doesn’t allow a disciplined and tough mindset then that limits what the dc can get out of them. Chavis has had many top 10 d’s in his career, so he may not be the best out there now, but he will be the best we ever had if we get him.

There’s no doubt that Chavis knows what he’s doing. And, he’s aggressive. That’s something that we’ve been harping on for so long now. Just give us someone who isn’t afraid to let the kids run now and then.

If it is Chavis, I’m going to be plenty happy, because that is a definite upgrade. At the end of the day, we should be so lucky to get him.

I agree with the 20%, the Chief is a good DC. He has decades of great experience and will make sure the Hogs have an attacking Defense. We might not reach top 10 as a Defense, but we’ll be better than the past years we’ve experienced.

I’ve heard others gripe that the Chief doesn’t recruit, but I have never seen anyone show proof of that. Levitt from Oregon doesn’t recruit, but he does a great job of getting Defenses prepared. Maybe the Chief doesn’t have to recruit as much as he does planning. That could be the case. If he really didn’t ever want to recruit then he would be in the NFL. He has had pleanty Of shots at going but has alwasys stayed at the college level.

One thing that I have learned over the years (on the Hawgs Illustrated and WHS message boards) is that the most frequent posters are those who have a complaint. I’m not sure that an 80/20 split is an accurate reflection of the fan base at large.

Best Defensive Coordinators:
Kirby Smart is now the HC at Georgia
Pruitt is now the HC at Tennessee

SO who is left???
Based on points allowed per game:
#1 Brent Venables is the best 12.8 Will he leave Clemson to come to Arkansas? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  1. Wisconsin’s Jim Leonhard 13.2 Hire a coach from Wisconsin?

  2. Mel Tucker, Georgia 13.2 Kirby’s understudy. Leave Georgia to come to Arkansas?

  3. Bud Foster 13.5 ain’t leavin’ VA Tech

  4. Pete Kwiatkowski 14.5 at Washington. The great Northwest for the SEC? No

  5. Brent Pry Penn State 15.5 Leave Beaver Stadium to be a Hog? Probably not.

  6. UT- San Antonio’s Pete Golding 17.0. He gone. Hello Alabama $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. Fresno St. Orlondo Steinauer 17.2 Not exactly the SEC.

  8. Kevin Steele Auburn 17.3 Try to hire a coach from Auburn? What?

  9. Troy’s Vic Koening 17.5 Troy that’s in Alabama!

  10. Chad Glasgow TCU 17.6 First name Chad. TCU like SMU. Interesting

82 Texas A&M John Chavis 28.7 Just sayin’ !!! Long way from Best.

Chavis has been part of a National Championship before. I would hope that the negative folks could look at that alone!
It must be miserable to be negative about everything.
God bless you all and Merry Christmas