Chase Hayden

Reported on 247Sports he has decommitted and will visit Michigan. Offer still on the table but if we get 2 RB’s to commit then the offer to Chase will be pulled.

His twitter apparently says differently.

Arkansas will consider him a decommitment only if he visits Michigan.

RD, I’m confused on something. Patton has gone on several recruiting trips and it’s not an issue, but if I read right, if Hayden goes on a visit AR will consider him no longer committed. Why is one allowed and the other not? Are they concerned that Michigan’s facilities is so much better than ours he’d flip?

This would be an official visit after his commitment to Arkansas. He hasn’t visited anyone since committing.

Hayden is now being shown as a SOFT COMMIT to the Hogs on 247. I wouldn’t pay any attention to anything those recruiting services say about Hog commits. I remember reading an article by one of those recruiting experts that predicted Froholt would never stay committed to the Hogs.

Yeah, 247sports is highly unreliable in my experience.

I just looked at 247Sports again several minutes prior to the time of this post. They now again show Hayden as a HARD COMMIT to the Hogs. Hopefully that will not change anymore.

I saw on twitter that Chase said he had not decommitted. Now reading 247Sports for a couple of years I find them unreliable so we just need to rely on RD.

I learned long ago that Clay and Dudley will not report something without multiple sources. I can tell that Richard is the same way.

There are often rumors; sometimes there is a kernel of truth in them but other times the rumors are just bunk. (Remember when D.J. Williams was going to transfer? Then he was seen in the trough at a basketball game.)

Rumor via Michigan boards has it he asked AR staff if it would be OK to go Michigan: Wisconsin game this weekend. He was told if he went, he wouldn’t be seen as a commitment and they would continue to recruit his position. He decided not to go to MI for the visit.

Man, I may have walked away, that’s supposed to be one of the best games this weekend, and he’d get in for free.

Well, RD did tweet about his decommitment but quickly deleted the tweet when Chase tweeted that he had not decommitted. Sounds like there was reason to believe he had.