Charlie Strong

I don’t understand why Charlie Strong’s name keeps coming up on the articles about Arkansas next head coach. Yes, he’s always behind a couple of others, but don’t understand why he should be a candidate at all, (except for the Arkansas ties. :o ) I get that, but he lost to Bret in the Texas Bowl 31-7 in 2014 after a full year with UT and Texas recruits. Followed that up with a top 10 recruiting class and proceeded to get fired a couple years later with a losing record.

Getting recruits out of Texas is one thing, but if you can’t get them to perform? Not sure that’s the guy we want when these other coaches seem more capable? Did he win at Louisville with his own players? just curious if anybody has the full scoop on him.

From my understanding, Strong got virtually no support from Texas when they hired him. Lots of boosters didn’t want him and he lost a lot of talent because he disciplined them when they did wrong. He was basically handcuffed from day 1 at Texas about how he was suppose to do things there. Herman seems like he might be learning this lesson as well. Here at Arkansas he would have that problem and have more freedom to do what he wants as the coach.