Charles Bassey #23 for WKU is a tough dude to deal with

He is a lot like Portis, but with a better mid range jump shot. Arkansas has to play tough defense on #23 all night, to have a chance at an upset. He’s exceptional in transition, loves dunking, is very consistent from two pt range J’s. But his ball handling sucks, if you’re playing good defense without fouling you can force TO’s with him.

This is a typical MSU Rick Stansbury team, big guys that love to control the glass, get in transition, and dunk.

Very good player, I was shocked he didn’t come out last year

Yeah, Arkansas has to understand what they like to do and adjust. They like to put their bigs at the top of the key, get a lot of blocks or turnovers, get in transition and get easy points the other way. So simply set screens, make the extra pass, and drive to the paint, get fouled or get a quality shot, if it’s not there, punch it out for a quality 3 or 2.

he will score 50 against the Hogs easily

Bassey was the #2 center coming out of HS in his senior year. It was surprising that he selected WKU. He scored 21 points with 9 rbs last year in Fayetteville as a true frosh. Gafford was on that squad, by the way.

He got some big cash rein Cashberry to go to WKY!
While he may have a good game he will have to play defense! If the hogs are hitting the 3 I think we will be fine.

Come on bro, that’s not true, and it’s wrong to write things that are completely false. It’s unfair slander of the coach and player. And it serves only one purpose, if they read something like that, it fires up the opponent, which might be your objective.

Are you actually saying that you don’t think Stansbury cheats? It doesn’t seem funny to you that a 5 star big ended up at at WKY? Smells a lot like Will Wade and Naz Reid to me.

No, I’m saying there’s no evidence that he has, and it’s wrong to say things like that, unless you have evidence of wrong doing. Stansbury is a good recruiter, WKU has okay facilities, and this kid never played basketball until AAU, he was a raw talent. I don’t find it that shocking that he got that player.

You might be the only person on this board that believes what you just typed. Good on you that you believe things are completely above board at WKY, lol. I choose to live in the real world where our BOT just caused HY to commit career suicide.

I would like to think I wasn’t the ONLY person on this board that wants some form of evidence, before accusing people of something. If that’s true, that could be why we cannot find a football coach.

I can’t argue your last point, but I think if you dig deep enough, you’ll probably find truth and integrity buried in Stansbury’s back yard. It’s pretty much common knowledge in these parts.

But anyway, who cares, let’s get back on task.

WKU doesn’t foul, they play solid Defensively, and rarely put teams on the free throw line. They rank 44th in CBB at points allowed on the free throw line by the opponent, and that’s after playing the #1 team in the country. Arkansas will have a tremendously difficult time getting their big men off the floor, because they don’t foul at all.

Should be a fun game and a tough out for the good guys. I figure if we win, we should be ranked next week.

We win this one how can we not be ranked. But then again stranger things have happened I guess.

I live in a place where there’s plenty of light! I can see and I read the news! I follow the corruption in college basketball. There’s a reason Cashberry is at WKY! He got caught cheating. That’s not a news flash “bro” that’s fact.

Okay, great, give me the information and I will be happy to contact the NCAA after tonight’s loss.

Who did he pay?
How much did he pay?
When did he pay?
How many has he paid?
What were the amounts?
When did these transactions take place?
Was it cash, or some kind of other impermissible benefits?
Were any assistant coaches involved, or just Stansbury?
Have you contacted the NCAA in light of your knowledge of the situation, that you have information that they should be made aware of?
Are there any internet articles or information that you would like to pass onto the uninformed people like myself?

Dude. Just stop. Nobody is in the mood to hear you defend Stansbury or WKY. We just lost a totally winnable game. Shit just sucks in Razorback land tonite. And you were the guy who said GT was a Sweet 16 team? Just got beat on their home floor by 34.

Not defending anyone, just the opposite in fact. The guy says undoubtedly he knows for a fact that he is a cheater. I’m just like good, after tonight, I will be happy to call the NCAA, just to pass on that information. What’s the problem??? Oh wait…LOL…

And quit using some other conversation from a few days back to deflect, stay on topic.

I definitely don’t need you in my life telling me to stay “on topic”. Are you even a Razorback fan? FWIW, your man, Bassey, did absolutely nothing tonite. Bad loss tonite by the better team.