CFB is almost unwatchable, even FL vs Auburn was ugly football for the most part

There was like one competitive game between two bad teams in the Top 25 yesterday.

CFB needs to put a 5 star and 4 star cap on teams, to ensure a competitive balance. Like the only question is whether Auburn and Alabama will cover the audacious spread or not against Arkansas, not whether Arkansas even has a chance to win…LOL. Auburn will have two weeks rest when they put 80 on Arkansas in two weeks.

There’s no competitive balance in CFB anymore. I would install a 5 star and 4 star ((cap)) on teams, from a legitimate ranking service established by the NCAA, taking into consideration all 3 major recruiting publications. Basically, no more than 18 4 and 5 star athletes over a two yr period. An NFL SALARY CAP kind of deal, but with the intention of restoring a competitive balance into the game, because it has become completely unwatchable. I mean who wants to watch Alabama wax Arkansas by 40? Or Auburn spank Arkansas by 40?

It would also alleviate stress on a lot of coaches in recruiting, because when they reached the cap, then they can just basically focus on coaching and teaching, which is what it’s all about.

I still love the game. With the open date I was able to watch all day. I think it’s still competitive overall.

Out of the entire Top 25 there were 3 games within a TD or less.

The NFL had 9, not counting MNF, which will be competitive, likely 10.

Need a 5 and 4 star cap to restore some semblance of competitiveness in CFB. When you can look on a schedule and point to 3 games Arkansas COULD be competitive in, Houston we have a problem! When you can look at a schedule and say maybe they will get 1 SEC win if they’re VERY fortunate, and be right, yr after yr, Houston we have a problem.

There will never be a cap.

Eventually there will be something put into place to restore a competitive balance, either a cap, or something else. This current system isn’t sustainable long term.

When 3/4th of the stadiums are empty, the vendors, parking attendants, Security, groundskeepers, are all out of work, because no one is buying tickets, believe me, they will be forced to do exactly what the NFL did, when the entire country was watching the NBA Lakers and Celtics, more than all but a handful of NFL games on Sunday and Monday.

Most likely they will attempt to level the playing field by paying the players, and the schools with the more wealthy contributors will be at the top.

Will respectively disagree. Don’t see 3/4 of the stadiums empty.

I’m not going to buy a seat on those miserable bleachers, pay $25.00 to park, stand in line for 45 mins to be screened, pay $7.00 bucks for a drink and snack to watch Arkansas get pounded by Auburn 56-10. I don’t have that kind of money to burn, maybe others do, but not me.

Especially considering right here in front of the TV I have a great view…LOL…

What you really want is a draft. That takes care of it. Recruiting is top heavy to the top teams. It’s always been like that to some degree.

That’s a good idea, that I never thought of. Of course the Alabama’s and the LSU’s of the world would completely blow a gasket with that too, but I think that would restore a competitive balance, and give fans a reason to spend their money at games. It would be a big draft though, with 130 or so teams, without looking to get the exact #.

And some players would likely sue, and have a case. They would make a reasonable argument that they shouldn’t have to go to a school away from where they grew up, unless it’s by choice. The counter argument would be, if you’re paying players, you’re no longer student- athletes, essentially you’re an employee.

I could careless about the idea of limiting 4 or 5 star players to each school! Give Coach Morris and his staff enough time to get 4 recruiting classes in place and I think you will see a change in the talent on our hogs team and how much better they play. We have never had the pick of the litter with players and that won’t change.
The hogs should beat Kentucky so enjoy this weekend and take a deep breathe every thing is fine!

Dude, the minute you start to think you “should” beat ANYONE, is the same minute you lose to SanJose State, the Citadel, Colorado State, beat Coastal by a pt. KY is favored for a reason, they’re the better team, and they’re at home. Not only that, it’s stupid, saying things like that either means you never played, or you’re trying to fire up the opponent. Especially against a team that has more speed than Arkansas, especially at QB.