CBB's Health

Anyone else worry about it? I’m serious. He’s a big man. Stressful job. Game Day excitement.
I wish he would lose some weight. I hope he’s around here for a long long time. I’ve seen too many times lately young dudes have bad stuff happen that were big men.

Not flaming, just wondering if anyone else feels this way.

CBB seems so be able to handle stress better than most, but you know it’s there. Again, not flaming just wondering?

i agree with your thoughts. It is dangerous for anyone to be as overweight as CBB. He is in his forties and is, at least, fifty or more pounds overweight. I wish he would take better care of himself as I really like him as a coach.

I agree completely. I wish he would lose some serious weight, I worry about his health and want him as our coach for a long time.

Anyone know what CBB actually weighs, compared to his weight in his playing days?
I’m not passing judgement on the fella, just curious.

I may be incorrect but I remember CBB weight in college was about 290 and I would bet he is over 350 now.

He was in good or at least pretty good shape when he was in Wisconsin. Just this morning I heard John Garlin had a stroke at the age of 36. He was 320 lbs. He lived and changed his ways. CBB reminds me of James Gandolfini. In more ways than one. Let’s hope he’s just a big guy and healthy.

He has lost weight in last 4 months. Jen is working on that.

That would be good enough reason for me for sure.
Plus the health issue I suppose.

Looking at the pictures from yesterday’s photo gallery, he does look as though he has lost weight.

Good for him. I know I love to eat, but that food can be an enemy. I hope he takes care of himself. I’d hate for something health related to happen to him.