CBB's Buyout????

I have seen several figures thrown out. Does anyone know what the real number is and what is the date it is tied to?? If you know please respond!!!

Matt Jones did the research and posted it on the paid board. It is 5.8 million (rounded). Don’t know the exact date, but he gets so much a month through the end of his contract.

I did some checking and I found several sources that posted 5.9 million before 1-1-18 and some less after 1-1-18. The assistants buyouts would be about 2 million if they don’t get employment. If CBB gets employment, his buyout would decrease based on his new salary. Long could see this coming that is why he raised the buyout from 1 million to almost 6 million. I wonder if he is getting a cut? Hah

But the issue is, there is now an early signing period. Can’t really wait unti Jan 1 to can him or get a new coach. Early signees would want out of LOI and new coach would only have about a month before signing day.

Yes and for the reasons you listed is the chance that CBB could be back next year. Have to hire the AD first. But our 4* recruots Pool, Noland and Flanagan are supposedly gong to Ark regardless.

The DL recruits look really solid. They would be a definite force teaming with Agim who should be All SEC next season.

I’m not that worried about the early signing period. Some recruit will wait to see who is hired and choose to sign later but I agree we need to sign a new AD this week and have them in place after the Mizzou game.

I have to think that if he wasn’t fired yesterday, he makes it friday evening. Win or lose friday, I would take my lottery ticket money and use it to wager he is out after the Missouri game. Agree that Arkansas can’t afford to sit on this - too many recruits watching - recruits with options. You can’t hold your cards at this point unless you want to write off next year.

I read one insider report earlier this morning that says UA announces monday and Enos is the pitch hitter for friday’s Missouri game. If that happens, the over/under will be near 100 … chuckle.

I don’t think we hire a coach before hiring an AD. What good coach would take a job without knowing who his boss is.

Unless the AD is a lame duck. It was mentioned on one of the we want Gus threads, that Gus only wants to coach another 4-5 years. So, if Gus comes here as coach. He coaches 4/5 years, then he will be in a position for next next AD. The next guy/girl (man/woman) has to make a decision on the GSD. That is gonna alienate a portion of the fanbase. So, to me the next AD is just a seat warmer. If the stories about the “good ole boys” and Gus are true, it makes sense that Long was fired for a lame duck.

As to the GSD, I have heard (think it was Bo’s talk show) that the Governor has said that we are going to continue to play games in Little Rock. Think that he has control of the board. If that is true then the only debate is how much $$ is going to be spent on WMS to up grade. Think that money comes from the State. Not the U of A. Course Governors change on election day.